Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, Sept. 28

Tenzin is on his way to the vet's right now. I will keep you all posted throughout the day, as I get information. He's such a good kittie and he'll feel so much better to have this burdensome leg gone. His name is Tenzin and it means to defeat adversity.

Teller, Penn, Miau, Farrah and Clifton are all here in the office with me--a sea of white fur! They are all napping. Probably gearing up for a busy day. Badu, Asha, Buckeye and Dennison are watching the birds out the window.

The Covie cats got to be out on the farmyard yesterday afternoon. It is the most awesome thing to call the cats and then open their door for their farm run. They zip out so fast and then all start rolling on the grass. After that, they disperse to find their own fun! All were back in the Cove before bedtime. The Porchies, Covies and Barnies got their special snacks yesterday that were sent to them.

Rudy is doing fine. His little leg sprain is all better. Actually, he's zipping around here right now, playing with Harlow. Oban and Zora are watching the fun and will probably join in soon. We've heard back from Gensing's new family--saw pictures on facebook. Looks like he's a very happy cat. I realize adoptions are slow right now. Our highest months of adoptions are in the late fall and winter--same every year. I have talked to several cat rescues in the past week and am finding that all are having a hard time finding homes. Please, if you know of an unneutered/unspayed cat that is a stray--you can help! A spay/neuter can drastically change the overpopulation problem.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks. I appreciate your support.
Sandy--big bag of candy (M&M's and Snicker bars), tail chaser catnip toy, lots of baby food, 200 styrofoam plates
Anonymous--4 cases of Temptation treats
Jatcat from CA--a very powerful flashlight and a big Lantern (Now, if we have another power outage, we'll be able to see!!)
Janak/Janet--1 case of Fancy Feast, 3 cases of Friskies, 5 bags of kitty snackers
Amy B from MI--picture and note on Jobo kitty receiving Cat of the Week for Modern Cat!
Patricia V--a big case of Kitty Chux--sure helps with messy kitties!

We had little Chambo out on the floor for a couple hours to play yesterday. We still haven't left Gossamer out yet--she's a bit shy and we don't want to frighten her. We're giving both lots of TLC.

October 27, Saturday is our next big spay/neuter day here at FFRC. Dr. Darcy will again be doing the surgeries.