Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, Sept. 24

Wow! What a weekend! Yes, it rained, but it did not dampen our spirits! CATSTOCK was awesome. In spite of the rain, everything went on as scheduled!

Mike and Barbara and Tinker (the cat) arrived Friday early afternoon. The tents went up as planned, the bleachers arrived, porta pots came and volunteers arrived to help! The webcam viewers that were coming for the weekend, started arriving!  Mike did his Friday night mini-concert for the webcam viewers and for those that were present here. Putter was also here and had a special song sung to him. Mike also sang "Lean on Me" as a request from webcam viewers! This was very special to me.

Saturday arrived and our spirits were high! People still came, even though it rained off and on. Some of the carnival was able to be streamed live and then, sometimes the cam was back in the rescue center. We had lots of people visiting the cats here in the rescue center and in Cat's Cove. Lots of happy kids carrying around the prizes they won!

The kids still got to ride the ponies. The  ponies went into the barn and the kids still got to hop on! Games went on as planned--we just put the rain flaps up on the tents. The BBQ chicken meal was absolutely delicious. 

At 5:15, the rain stopped for good and we had our outdoor concert at 5:30! Mike sang many songs, which each and every one of them was awesome. He's also a great storyteller. He sang a song for Putter, who was on stage for a couple songs. Putter then stayed and watched the rest of the concert! We all wrapped up in blankets and thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mike. We also sang along and clapped! What a lot of fun!

I would like to extend a huge, giant thank you to all the volunteers that helped make Catstock possible. We had quite a few webcam viewers come and visit for the weekend. They also helped with the activities, right along with our FFRC volunteers! From washing tables, to emptying trash,to baking cookies,  running the games, preparing the food, helping people in the Rescue Center, welcoming people, picking up supplies, making sure parking went smoothly---lots and lots of people were needed and WE DID IT!!!  I am deeply grateful for each and every person that helped. I firmly believe the volunteers we have are the best--they truly give with their heart. Their compassion for what they do is great.

Mike, then on top of the mini-concert and main concert, did another concert Sunday morning! This time, his name sake, Chambo, was there to be sung to! She's a new kitten that arrived during the preparation of Catstock and named after Mike's nickname. She's ever so sweet and is now in Patience's Pen, awaiting the time soon to join the rest of the kitties. Mike and Barbara pulled out about mid morning with us waving them goodbye. What an awesome couple--to have come all the way from California, to sing here at FFRC. I'm so appreciative. Two really wonderful people.

If you would like to purchase Mike's CD, it's easy to do. You can simply send a check or pay thru PayPal. The CD's are $15. It does include postage. However, if you are out of the country, please add a few dollars extra.  The profit goes to FFRC.

Yesterday, Sunday, was "start to put things away day". Today, the tents, porta pots and bleachers will be picked up. The Catstock banner in the front yard will be taken down. Will there be a Catstock 2? Hmmm, quite possibly!