Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday, September 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. It was fairly quiet here, which was rather nice. I should say, it was quiet visitor-wise, but the cats and kittens have been in high gear. Check out facebook--there's proof that Octavia "stole" 2 packets of food at the same time. The kittens have been on high speed alerts. They've been zooming so fast, it's hard to walk around them. On the refrigerator is our laser light toy. YEsterday, somehow they got it on and 6 of them were squished on top of the refrig., playing with it. Dolan, of course, was again on top of the toy, making it click.

Please check out our new FFRC cookbook recipe submission site. It's: ffrccatloverscookbook.com It will give you step by step directions as to how to submit a recipe. Please come up with one of your favorite recipes and enter it for our 2nd FFRC cookbook! Thanks!

We weighed some of the kittens and cats yesterday. Jaina certainly needs to lose a little bit of weight. She is now at 13.05. This is not healthy for her--she needs to shed a couple pounds, but slowly. It's difficult in a group setting like this, but we will be trying to help her. Badu was 11.04. Filbert was 11.14. Putter was 10.09. The good news is that Magenta gained 3 ounces!

This Saturday is our surgery day here at the Rescue Center. Currently, we have the following scheduled: Avens, Derecho, Graciela, Liberty, Miau, Tabitha, Tallulah, Treesa, Zorca, Roadinia, Oban (?), Callaway. Also scheduled for physicals are: Magenta, Ada Jana, Bella, Cyrilla, Hannah, Cassidy, Macallan, Felton and Gracie Ann. When cats arrive at FFRC, even though they may be already neutered/spayed, we still want our vet to give them a physical. We are looking at a real likelihood that Cassidy may need an eye removal, in which case, he may be done Saturday as well. We try so hard to keep that awful Herpes virus at bay. When we have a cat that has it, we hit hard and fast with medications. We get good recovery, almost 100% of the time. Not so, in the case of Cassidy. It appears to have caused significant damage to one of his eyes. A decision will be made on Saturday.

Yes, we do have a slight, dry cough going on in the Rescue Center right now. This is a "very upper" cough--not in the lungs at all, similar to a dry throat cough. All are being treated for this. It comes on, lasts maybe 2 days, then is goes away. It does not affect their appetite or activity level. Please be assured, all is under control!

The volunteers and I love what we do here at FFRC. Our intentions are to only adopt out healthy cats and kittens---their best interest is truly the highest priority for us. We realize that occasionally a cat or kitten may become ill after adoption. From the minute a cat arrives at the Rescue Center to the moment they are adopted, we work very hard on their health and happiness levels. Our intentions are true, in that we really do care about every cat that comes our way, never intending any harm.

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Cypress--oh, to be so relaxed!