Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, September 11

In memory of 9/11--bless America, all the people who lost their lives on that day and the family and friends of those who are gone. We will never forget.

All is fine here at the Rescue Center. This cooler weather in the mornings, bring on the craziness of the kittens! Such a joy to watch them play. Jaina is right now, taking a springy toy, walking across the room with it in her mouth, letting go of it, to watch it sprong back. Over and over again she does this!

We have been very busy getting things organized for Catstock. We're making big head way on this big project! We are very much looking forward to this event. If you'd like to come, we would love it. Here are the motel numbers:
Comfort Inn 419-784-4900
Hampton Inn 419-784-1515
Holiday Inn Express 419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel 419-782-8000
Bed & Breakfast (Elliot Rose) 419-956-9981
We would love to have you. If you are here for Catstock, and would like to help with one of the game tables for the afternoon, let me know! I've just heard from Mike--they were going through Sedona, AZ yesterday. Safe travels! Check out the new backgrounds to our different sites--they all reflect Catstock!

Our new arrival, Scout is now known as Zora. Since we lost our Zorca, we would still like to honor that name. The name came from the Name that Cat at Catathon, for TokTuB's mom. Her other nickname is Zora, so we will call little Scout (since we already used that name), Zora. She is now ready to come out and play! After the early morning sweeping is done, the door to Dodger's Pen will be opened. She is an awesome, healthy little girl!

Cassidy is doing wonderful. He continues to feel better. No more eye pain from that nasty old eye. He's playing and purring now. So very nice to see his happy self emerging again!

We had two adoptions on Sunday! Tallulah went to her new home. She was put on hold two weeks before and was just awaiting her spay to be done. Also, Dennsmore was adopted. I do believe Dennsmore picked this family himself! We will miss both of them, but so happy for their adoptions!

We had BOXES last night. Thanks ever so much for caring about FFRC.
Michelle L/Crittercat--card and a box of books to share with the volunteers
Linda B from NY--sardines, bag of Fancy Feast dry cat food and 14 cans of Fancy Feast--assorted and a nice note
Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Amy B/jobolove--4 cases of Friskies canned food--assorted flabors
Betz from PA--for granddaughters: cupcake lip gloss & ice cream sundae lip gloss. For Jimmy's daughter--ice cream sundae lip gloss. For Livy: ice cream sundae lip gloss & velvet poster to paint. For Paul: dice & duct tape. For Cutie: donation for plates & special food. For the kitties: donation for something extra fun for cammers to watch! (will be coming sometime!). For Kellen: pop tabs & washable markers. For FFRC: kitty toys on sticks, 2 sets of Resident cats--laser engraved on mirrored plastic. For Jacci: duct tape, paper clips 2 dry erase pens. For Connie & Damien: "chicken" and suckers.
Terri K/sweetpea727 from CA--assorted yarn for volunteer projects, cans of Fancy Feast, a special letter with a remembrance poem for Twinkle and Bravo (which we will post)
Beth A from IL--4 cases of Friskies
Sonjamac--2 cases of Friskies
CathiB12--2 cases of Friskies
Joyce T/jatcat--2 big cases of Friskies
Connie S (Tookie's mama)--get well card and a cute stuffed bear all for Cassidy
Sam (who adopted Murry/Sundance (Cassidy's brother)--For Cassidy: cat treats, appetizers, toys. For FFRC: litter. For Volunteers: 2 big bags of gum, 2 big packs of Reeses, big container of Twizzlers
Sue T from IN--package of plates, 2 cases of Friskies & sardines
Selena & Scott from IN--kitty treats, Reeses, play cube, baby kitty food, kitty treats & balls and toys. Plus they paid for Scout/Zora's first vet visit and vacc's. and tests!
ScottyCat (a moderator) from Scotland--letter from Amber & Skye, a card with a donation to name a cat Betz, catnip toys, a wand toy, 4 blue & red plaid collars (1 for Farrah, 1 for Derecho, 1 for Kooper & 1 for Pedra (Val and Janet's recently adopted kitties) and a Hello Kitty bag with a sticker book & stickers for Hannah
AnnaMarie/Neil/Catoncat/Victoria--a case of toilet paper for "Victorias Secret Closet" which is our bathroom for the Rescue Center. This is to help cover Catstock's use! and LOTSSSSSS of packing paper for the kitties!
Peggy & Bernard G from NY and their cat Halo--article on their front newspaper which reminded them of Bravo, and a donation in memory of Bravo
Lillian/Xenamolina8 and her kitties & Juci from IL--birthday card for Bella, Missy and Zavatar with special birthday metal tokens
Arden W from FL--donation to FFRC for food
Beverly S from IL--a donation for FFRC, in memory of her good friend, a lover of cats
Isabelle H from FL--a donation for Earth Angels, in memory of Bravo and a very nice card
Mary K from PA--a donation to PayPal for FFRC

Remember, if you'd like to send a get-well, thinking of you card to Dorothy, our oldest volunteer, that would be great. Just address it to FFRC, with her name on the envelope. I'll be sure to get it all to her. Thank you

The past years, we have had a young girl, by the name of Kaylee who has visited FFRC. She loves FFRC and cats. She always does a cat project for their local fair. I just got word, that her (and cat Jonah) won Grand Champion Cat and then went on to win Reserve Grand Champion for all the Small Animals. Kaylee is an awesome girl who has a big heart! Way to go, Kaylee.

A poem called I WILL BE, by Rob Anderson. Sent for Bravo and Twinkle, by Terry K/sweetp727
If you think of me as gone forever...I will be.
If you think of me as sadness and tears...I will be.
If you think of me as your broken heart...I will be.
That's not what I want to be, but I will be.
If you think of me as memories to cherish...I will be.
If you think of me as laughter and joy...I will be.
If you think of me as your healing heart...I will be.
That's what I want to be, please let me be.
Twinkle--still thought of and loved, with happy memories.