Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, Sept 21

Today Catstock officially starts!

These are the things that will happen today: 2-3 big tents will arrive, farmyard completely gone over again for cleanliness, 2 porta pots arrive,visitors start arriving,  fresh movie popcorn arrive, the parking situation figured out, bleachers will be set up and most importantly, Mike and Barbara will arrive! Remember, tonight at 6:30 is the mini-concert on our kitty cam. It's for YOU from FFRC. Mike will sing a few songs just for our chatters and lurkers! Catstock----here we come! There's been so many people involved with the preparation of Catstock--thank you ever so much.

Connie K has even put ribbons in Millie (the donkey) and Georgia (the gold/red horse) manes. They look so sweet! While cleaning out the goat pen yesterday, we found a huge underground wasp den in their shed. Wow--that was not fun. We got it all taken care of with only 1 person getting stung once. The chickens have discovered they can get on the stage (for the concert)--we have to talk them into not doing that tomorrow night!

Cassidy is sleeping on my desk. He looks so very peaceful. His sutures are out and his surgical area looks good. Such a wonderful cat. We are treating Big Al twice daily--antibiotics and drops in his ears and ointment on his sutures. Tenzin is getting antibiotics twice daily as well as soreness meds and ointment put on his wound 3 times daily. Pizazz is getting exercise treatments thruout the day. He's fussy about it at times, but he's pretty tolerant. I do believe we have a bit of movement in his right rear leg. He's also had Dr. Bill treat him 4 times already, with more treatments coming. He's already had 1 water treatment this morning.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks for the supplies. It's so wonderful to have our supplies replenished. Remember, tonight, instead of boxes is the Mini-Catstock-Concert! No boxes for Saturday or Sunday night, but we'll be back Monday night!
AnonymousJB--box of 13 gal trash bags,  3 cases of liquid KMR, 4 large boxes of Gerber rice baby cereal.
Jodieann87--Bandanas made for Catstock by her and her mom. These are pet bandanas that slip over the collar--very Catstock looking!
Middiesmom--large bag of Purina One Kitten formula (1 of their favorites!)
Lois L--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy lovers and 2 cases of Fancy Feast Medleys
Anna Marie & Neil and Shep (who are webcammers visiting for Catstock!)--lots of treats and goodies for the volunteers, a fleece "bolster" mat, kitty toys, treats for Einie, treats for the dogs, pop tabs for Kellen, Fresh Step coupons, 5 boxes of bandages, Hello Kitty foamy soap, Bag of Purrfectly Chicken packets for Connie (to set up for Octavia!), 4 cans of salmon, special popcorn, large container of Double Bubble bubble gum, 2 big storage totes, cans of Fancy Feast and Friskies

Peace, love and Cats--let's have some fun!
<a href="" title="Raza by FoFRCphoto, on Flickr"><img src="" width="480" height="360" alt="Raza"></a>
Our beautiful Raza girl!