Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, Sept. 20

Big Al and Court both had their surgeries yesterday and both have recovered just fine. Court was awake before he even got back. Just a quick bite of food in his pen, and he was able to join the crowd again. Big Al's surgery was quite extensive. He has many many ear sutures, a half shaved head, a cone on his head, the tumor removed from his left ear and a reconstruction of the ear canal of that same ear and another very hard lump of ear wax removed from his right ear. He'll be spending a little time in Thumper's Room for recovery. Little Pizazz is still receiving his therapy. He cries sometimes, but for the most part, he's a really good sport. Tenzin is doing great. His soreness meds make him a bit tired, but that's ok. Resting and sleeping is good for him right now. We'll keep close tabs of that injury, awaiting his surgery that is scheduled for 9/28. Joe and Craig were here from WNWO, a TV station from Toledo. They did 2 live segments this morning with a couple "bumps" of quick pictures, for the Catstock! It was fun. The interesting thing is, their camera decided not to work, so they did the interview using the ustream! You can visit Joe's facebook at--- We were able to get the stage all done yesterday for Catstock. It'll be a great place for Mike to do his concert. Mike is now in Indiana and will be here tomorrow mid afternoon! We also matched up all the different games with all the prizes for each particular game. Getting those last minute things done! Oh my goodness--we had a bunch of BOXES last night--it was absolutely wonderful! Patty V/MiddieMom04--packets of Solistic holistic cat food, 250 styrofoam plates, 5 cases of Friskies can food, 2 cases of baby jar food, 4 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Appetizers. Food, food, glorious food! Mary K--2 cases of Friskies, Fancy Feast kitten can and Royal Canin Kitten can Susan A--3 cases of Fancy Feast TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--8 clear acrylic donation boxes for catathon Susan G from NH--2 kitty pirate ships (we all know how much they love these!) Brenda C/Catatoniccajun from LA--4 soft sided pet carriers Kelly S/Kellysong--2 cartons of Temptation treats, 1 case of Fancy Feast Anonymous JB--1 case of Friskies (seafood pate) and 1 cases of Ocean White fish & Tuna Bradley, for Filbert--8 cases of Appetizers! Filbert said he will share, if he must! JillR27--2 cases of Friskies & 1 case of canned Chicken breast Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Friskies Caren F--4 cases of Fancy Feast Thomas A from United Kingdom--donation thru PayPal for FFRC You all are wonderful and I truly, sincerely appreciate these gifts. Thank you. I would like to add that FFRC runs entirely on donations. We do not receive any government funds at all for our organizations. We depend entirely on the goodness of people--our volunteers, friends, adoptions, fundraisers, hometown support, family, lurkers and chatters. It does indeed take a community of people to help keep this Rescue Center operating. I am grateful for this. Our Weekly report from Petfinder shows that we had 1,761 total pet views. Our top 10 cats looked at were: Butterbur, Betony, Champion, Canton, Tweets, Weber, Cassidy, FiFi, Densmore and Darilyn. I would like to clarify something that was brought to my attention. A few people have asked if the FFRC funds were used in the purchase of our recent 2 horses and donkey or for the care of my farm animals. Let me reassure you that I would NEVER EVER do that. I am an honest person, plain and simple. The FFRC funds belong 100% to FFRC. To be honest with you, I was somewhat taken aback that anyone would think that. But, the answer is NO, never has, never will. My farm animals are my husband's and my responsibilities. Not only do we have Octavia still rolling up and eating cobwebs, we now have some of the kittens following Octavia's lead. Betz is enjoying her room--June's Room. She's resting a lot and eating everything we give her. I think she's making up for lost time of resting/eating. The other 2 newbies--Boulder and Ruby are now out and about and having fun with the other kittens. Shirley Shirley--sleeping the sleep only kitties can do!