Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weds., Sept. 19

As it turned out, Tenzin did not have his surgery afterall yesterday. He was taken to the clinic, prepped and even the initial part of his surgery started, when his blood pressure kept dropping. Because of his head injury, due to his accident (he has a head tilt), a special, yet safe series of drugs was given for this surgery. Apparently, one of these drugs, interacted with him which caused the blood pressure problem. was cancelled, his skin stapled with about 30 staples and we brought him back to FFRC. He's doing great and has already been out and about for a few exercise times. His next surgery date is 9/28, a Friday. Since his head injury will then be way over a week old, the usual set of drugs will be used. No repeat meds will be given to him. He should do just fine! In the meantime, we'll keep him on antibiotics, soreness meds and keep his wound clean. What a wonderful kitten he is--he LOVES the other cats and is such a purrboy.

Update on Pizazz. I talked to our vet last night and asked her if there was anything else we could do to help him regain something back to his legs. Our exercise program that we have already started on him, is just what she suggested. In addition to this, we will "push" a bit on his hips to add weight, so he can possibly feel his feet/toes. The "pinching technique" on his tail and toes was also suggested, which we've been doing. We also have had Dr. Bill come twice now for spinal adjustments, which was also suggested. We then were in contact with a vet/chiropractor who specializes in cat spinal problems. She said to continue the program we have already started, but to also exercise him in a walking pattern, which we started today. Hopefully, we can get some muscle/nerve reconnection going for him, which will help with his urinary incontinence.

Many thanks to these folks for their donation to FFRC:
Masako M from Japan--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lynda G/lyninvt from VT--donation thru PayPal in memory of Polo, Ratchet and Ouiji (for wee girl)
Susan F from CT-a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Caren F from CA--a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Sandra DE from Canada--a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Jackie B from FL--a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Neil & Jean S from OH--a donation, in appreciation of the volunteers, to FFRC
Lawrence G from NY--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

We received an e-mail from Mike, who is doing our concert for the Catstock! He and his wife Barbara will be in Indiana today! They're getting closer to Ohio! Their trip is going smoothly.

Today Big Al and Court will be going for their surgeries. Big Al is on his ear (tumor removal and resection of ear) and Court to be neutered. Bonnie is taking them up and Martha L is bringing them back!

BOXES will be at 6 pm tonight, since tomorrow's breakfast will be extra early due to the tv coverage for Catstock. So, need to be done earlier tonight!

Betz, our beautiful slate grey kitten (found at the dam) is doing great and will be coming into the main part of the Rescue Center today. She'll probably stay in June's Room for a day or two, then she'll be out.
Dorothy and Putter
Our volunteer Dorothy! Her cards have been sent to her. She is feeling better!