Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, September 1

Happy birthday to Bella, Missy (my cat) and to Martha L (a volunteer). Three very special cats/people. Bella will be wearing her crowns later today. She also received a WHOLE jar of baby food for breakfast this morning! She is now 10 years old. When Bella first arrived, she was just 6 weeks old.

It has been raining this morning--we're so thankful. We need the rain. We had a huge clap of thunder this morning that truly scared Derecho. When he's calm, his mobility problems are not as pronounced. But when he's been alarmed or super exited, he loses some of that control. So....he was held alot and reassured that all was fine. He's back to playing here in the office by me. He and Treesa and Zorca are play fighting!

Our visitor and moderator, Peeka/Nancy has left this morning. It was wonderful to have her visit us. She had Graciela and Drake spend last night with her in Kitty Kastle. Sounds like they had a lot of fun!

We've heard from Hannah's family yesterday. Hannah's trach surgery went well. If all goes well, she may be home sometime next week! Hannah has watched the cat video that was put together for her at least 3 times already. Her mom says she loves it. Please continue sending your prayers up for our little Hannah friend.

We had an adoption yesterday! Sweet Frith went to his new home. They had picked him out earlier in the week. They waited until now to pick him up when they would have the weekend to spend with him. Frith loved laying in their arms!

Serephina, the newest tiger/tori is doing great. She has made friends with Oban, Galway, Callaway, Harlow and Harper. Those 6 kittens sure can rock and roll in their room! Not much longer until they will be out with the rest of the gang.

Right now, Dennsmore, Purrby, Miler, FiFi and Everet are on my desk. They don't realize that their bodies are solid and I cannot see thru them to see the screen! It's not too bad, until they start chewing up the paper (been watching Badu do this!) or playing with each other's tails! By the way, Badu had her yearly vaccination yesterday and didn't even grumble--was so proud of her.

Cat's Cove roof is now done....just in time for this rain. We'll see today if it's still dry inside the Cove. Jimmy put a seal on top of every screw and on some of the seams. Then he put 2 coats of fiber paint on top of the metal roof. Sure hope that works. He'll be starting the same process with Kitty City, once the rain stops.

We had BOXES last night. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Love4cats/Nancy from WI--coupons
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Tom P from NJ--pop tabs for Kellen and a very nice card
BeachkatzCarla C from OR--cards for everyone (mods, volunteers, our 3 vets, Hannah), Fancy Feast Appetizers (for Bondi & friends), sardines, kitty treats, canned Fancy Feast, Mr. Clean sponges, plastic spoons and baby food jars for Bella & 10 cans of KMR
Lovebugs321 from VA--24 cans of Sardines & a very nice letter
Cynthia N/Bubbles from WA--donation for FFRC (for Feliz Navidad fund)
Neil M--a very fun letter (Anna Marie warned me it was coming!!) with a donation for FFRC. And, sorry, but you MUST keep Bandita/Vixen/Shep. That way she can keep you under control! She did tell me though that she thinks you're an awesome kitty dad!
RoseSFCats--2 really neat cat posters that we can use for Catstock!
Anne & Issacc, day visitors--Pet krinkle tunnel and laundry soap

Next week we will have our new Cat-Go-Round wheel all fancied up! The design is a surprise. I believe everyone will like it! This wheel will look very different from the first wheel.

In the course of this last week, I've heard from 5-6 schools that will be letting some of their classes view our KittyCam on ustream! This will be a reward, for good behavior. We will not know when these children will be viewing the cam, so just wanted to let you all know about this. Please keep our chat g-rated. Keep in mind, when you are posting, is this something should be said if children were viewing it? Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Bella! She sure loves her poofs.