Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday, Sept.8

Today is our big surgery day. All the action will start at 8:30. Before that we'll be putting on neck bands and putting kitties into their rooms so they are close by for when we need them. They already have their food removed--oh my, that's so cruel. At least that's what they're telling me! We have 5 castrations, 8 spays, 1 male dog (from ALOL) and 12 physicals to do.

Cassidy had his surgery yesterday, to remove his bad eye. He's still feeling a little punky this morning, but was given fluids already today. Hopefully, that will bring back some of his bounce. He's sleeping quietly right now. The surgery went well and Dr. Darcy will see him again today.

Remember you can now submit your recipes for our 2nd FFRC Cookbook! Just go to Then, click on the pdf link which has the directions to enter your recipe. The login is VolumeTwo and the password is ffrc. Thanks!

One of our volunteers isn't feeling very good. She is our oldest volunteer and has been with us for many years. It's Dorothy, who usually comes on Tuesday evenings. If you would like to send her a card, that would be so nice. Send it to FFRC, with her name on the outside of the envelope. I will make sure that she gets every one of them!

We had BOXES last night!
GermanSiggi from FL--Bubbaloo bubble gum and a case of Friskie Prime Fillet
CathiB12--a case of Friskies Bits
Vickie B from NY--a t-shirt for Jacci, from Crazy shirts (Kliban)
Susanne B--2 cases of Fancy Feast, in memory of her Buster
Anonymous G--For volunteers: Biscotti Biscuits, Oreos (Becky), 2013 calendars, and a cool Catstock Bandana for Jacci. For the cats: sardines, pillowcases, toys. For Graciela's Hope Chest--2 packages of treats, toys and a neat sign that says "Home is where the cat is"
Nancy D from OH--donation for FFRC
Conii--6 containers of Bonito flakes, a big bag of Yeowwww Toys (bananas, hearts, rainbow, sharks), Tiki food (9 cases), and a wooden toy with circles cut out for the Covies!
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--a donation for FFRC
Diane & Steve D from MI--a donation for FFRC in memory of Ripper and Ruffles. Their new kitten is Tio
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal for Cassidy's surgery, with prayers & love
Nigel W from UK, a donation thru PayPal
Speedy and Mr. Speedy, day visitors--dry cat food, Laundry soap, toilet paper, canned Purina, paper plates, plastic spoons, Mr. Clean, volunteer treats, washcloths, styrofoam plates, big towels, cat toys, dog can food, whiskas packs. Thanks ever so much--we enjoyed your visit!

This is short, but must get ready for this busy day!
Sleepy Cassidy!