Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday, Sept. 14

It's truly amazing to me--give out a thought for help and help arrives! Neither Paul or Jimmy could help with the farm chores yesterday. I was a bit worried how to get all that done, along with the regular things that I needed to do. But....people are indeed awesome. I got the horses, cats, ducks, goats/donkey fed (and the chickens). Dawn came and cleaned out the stalls, barn and rotated horses in the pasture. She also scrubbed those water tubs and refilled. Sheila came and fed the Cat's Cove cats and gave the Cove a great cleaning. Sigrid came and scrubbed out all the duck/goose tubs and refilled with fresh water. What a clean farmyard now! Thanks to everyone for your help.

We were able to get a lot accomplished yesterday on Catstock. The games are all organized and put together. Thanks to Judy S for helping with this. Today (hopefully) will work on getting all the prizes broke down for each game table. We have thousands of prizes to give away!! This morning we have our last organization meeting for Catstock. It's a week from today! Next week, I'll give you the break down of what happens each day!

We had an adoption yesterday! Purrgeron went to his new home. He went to a family that picked him out about a month ago. Yesterday was his big day. I'm sure he'll fit right into their family. I also heard from Tallulah's new family. It sounds like all is well and happy! That's what we want--good, loving homes for our kitties and cats!

Cassidy is doing great. His sutures will be removed in a few days. Court is coming along--he's had a bit of a rough time getting use to the other cats. I believe he'll settle down though. Bondi is doing pretty good. Some days are a little rough--her age shows. I always remember a vet saying, "Getting old is not a disease.". I've always treasured that! Alot of it is in how cats handle it. Bondi is a toughie--look how she pulled thru to get to where she is today. She loves being in the Welcome Room Office--gets lots of petting. The only thing is, she has taken that office chair as HERS and hers alone. I find myself standing up to write notes in the office!

Weber is a nut! He's got one of the goose feathers and is rolling over and over with it, in his mouth. I believe he thinks he's the great hunter. Graciela and Ginseng are playing together--racing up and down the sisel rope tower. Penn gave Pizazz a big bath yesterday--so sweet!

We had BOXES last night. I sure do appreciate this support.
Michelle L from Conn--treats for the Covies, Porchies & Barnies and 9 packages of kitty snackers for the rescue center cats
Karen G from WI--toys, toys and more toys! Some of these toys were very different from what we have--the cats will love them. Also a catnip napper for Derecho, which we have already seen him on.
Connie S/WarpedinMN--assorted treats for the volunteers, coupons and pictures of the FFRC kitties that she and Joe adopted. Also enclosed pictures of different FFRC cats. A big box of 9 x 12 manilla envelopes.
Debbie & Jim from GA--toys for the kitties, huge assortment of misc. toys and catnip. For Dogs--Good & Fit treats. For Einie--foraging boxes for him to pick apart. For Library--some wonderful books. These will be enjoyed by many. And 1 little book for our little bathroom! For Jacci--cute cat stationery and a Hoops & YoYo key chain. For kids that are here: stickers, finger puppets, cat coloring book, bracelets, cat luggage tags.
Donna H/Donnawan--2 of the 3 count Lysol wipes, sugar free Oreos for the volunteers
Barbara F/lGecko--2 cases of Friskies
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--For Paul--2 packages of Keebler El Fudge cookies
Lizmol18 from MI--For volunteers: bag of candy Lifesavers, bag of nuts & Chewy granola Bars. For Jacci--cereal! For Kitties: sardines, salmon, baby rice cereal, ceramic kitty bowl, baby food, Friskies and coupons
Gramma June for Derecho- a really cool super cat nip scratching post playhouse (I'm sure he'll share it!)
AcctConnect--4 cases of baby food (extra thanks--supply was low)
Betty F from OH--coupons
Carol O from CA--coupons
Nancy W from Defiance--a conation in memory of Bravo
Auntie Julie for Magenta--a gift card to Walmart for special food/treats and stamps for FFRC
Glen B from SC--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We will have some visitors coming the first of October. They are coming from Long Island and are interested in adopted 2 cats from FFRC. More info later! Today Kelly R from CA and her friend will be arriving. They will also join us for our FFRC BBQ this afternoon!

We had a Petfinder report. We had 2,135 pet views last week. The top 8 cats that were looked at are: Campion, Cassidy, Betony, Butterbur, Filbert, Weber, Efrafa and Octavia. Late fall is when our adoptions go up!
Our sweet resident, Bondi. She sure loves her comforts!