Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, Sept. 13

What a wonderful day. The kittens are playing hard, the cats are even getting involved. Lots of action this morning. Birds are singing already outside. Paddy Purr and Ginseng are laying by the outdoor enclosure's entrance, waiting for it to be opened up!

Nikka, a visitor the last few days, left last evening. We certainly always enjoy having Nikka here. She takes awesome pictures of the rescue center cats, the porchies, barnies and covies and shares them with all of you! We have another visitor coming to stay in Kitty Kastle tomorrow!

Next Weds., the 19th, we have Big Al scheduled for surgery to have another ear tumor removed. They will also do a resection of the ear, to help facilitate easier removal of future tumors, as this tends to happen with his kind of ear tumors. This will help him feel so much better. We will also see if we can get Court neutered at the same time.

Mike, who is our concert guy for the Catstock continues on his way to Ohio. He made it to Texas now. The Crescent-News, our local newspaper, called yesterday and will be doing an article for the paper on Catstock! I'll share it with you when it's published. Flyers on Catstock are also going out to some of our local schools! Peace, love and cats--on to Catstock!!

We had BOXES last night--lots of boxes and it was fun! Thanks to you all who have helped us restock. Our cat food pantry looks so much better!
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--3 mop heads and a large bag of Almond Joy for Paul
TA67 & Gillian from the UK--a very nice card and Webbox Lickety Licks yogurt tubes
(Magenta especially says thanks!)
Barb F/lgecko--2 of the big 40 pound boxes of kitty litter
TheOddMuse--2000 small garbage bags, 4 cases of of Friskies, 1 case of Friskie Gravy Sensation pouches
Germansiggi from FL--big bag of Reese's peanut butter cups and a bag of Kit Kat bars, 35 pound bucket of cat litter, 20 pound box of cat litter, 1 case of Friskies and 1 case of 9-Lives
Jatcat from CA--box cutter & 2 letter openers, 4 lint brushes, dry erase markers, 6 non-scratch scour pads, 2 boxes Mr. Clean sponges, yellow copy filler paper
Rama/utah47 from UT--lots of Survival Bracelets made from paracord for Catstock. Friendship anklets/bracelets made by her granddaughter Mickie, a toy chicken for the kitties and a donation in memory of her kitty Tommy
Annette B--Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Sandy D--2 cases of Friskies Senior canned food
CathiB12 from TX--4 cases of Friskies can food
Arden & Charmaine from IN--4 cases of Friskies can food
SophieandLucysdad/Mike--coupons and pics of Sophie and Lucy
Judy W from OH--Chief grocery receipts (a fundraiser for us) and Paw Points from litter (we get gift certificates for free litter)

Goss (who does the taping of boxes when she can and posts these videos to share) is working on getting our Amazon store back up and running! The site is:
Remember too the Zazzle site is:
And to submit your recipes for the FFRC's 2nd cookbook, it is:

We took in a new kitten several days ago. I introduced him to the cam last night. He has some medical issues and so I waited a few days. He still has some medical issues, but I've decided I'm not going to "hide" him any longer. You ALL know what we do here at FFRC--we have healthy kittens come in and sometimes we have many medical issue kittens come in. So, I'm happy to tell you about our little Pizazz. I must admit he took my breath away when I first met him, as he so reminded me of Bravo. He's 6 weeks old, male, black and with those Bravo eyes. And he also has rear leg issues. His problems are very different than Bravos though. His legs simply don't work and are flaccid/atrophied, but with no pain. There's no muscle tone at all. He does have anal sphincter tone which is extremely important. But, still, potty problems are what we are dealing with. We will be helping him to potty on a regular basis for right now, trying to develop some increased nerve sensations, especially for urinating. Bravo left a giant hole in all of our hearts, and I believe this little fellow will help us all heal. He is not Bravo, but we will love him and help him as much as we wanted to help Bravo. He is welcome here and we will try our best to help him with some of his medical issues. He has a mighty personality--already was swatting at the cats! He is indeed Pizazz!
Paddy Purr
Paddy Purr--what a handsome boy!