Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday, Sept. 14

Ginseng and Faleena are in a stare-down--neither wants to move for fear of "the attack"! Asha, Jaina and FiFi are sleeping on my desk. Badu is on the autoclave next to the desk, all sprawled out and sleeping. Oops--Ginseng made the move and Faleena took off running with Ginseng in hot pursuit! Oh, the fun of being a kitten!

I called the vet's office yesterday. They are able to get Court in next Weds for his castration. So, we'll take Big Al and Court up on the same morning. Dr. Darcy will be calling back today about Emaline. This poor sweet girl looks awful again. We now have secondary infection areas on her skin. Have her started on antibiotics. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, which I'm so grateful for. When I go in the house and if I should sit down, Emaline will be in my lap within 10 seconds! She's such a sweetie.

Derecho achieved a first today--he was able to climb into the very bottom round bed on one of the cat furnitures. He looked quite happy with himself! His legs are growing. He has figured out how to spread his legs apart to help with his balance. He's getting to be very efficient at this and can walk around more and more without falling.

Pizazz is quite a little boy! Talk about spunk--he can take care of himself, or so he thinks! Potty issues are definitely a concern, but we're working on it. He loves to follow Derecho around. It's fun to watch Pizazz--he'll look and look at something--then, off he goes to accomplish whatever it is he's trying to do! I love his spirit and determination. We have now moved him to Patience's Pen for his naps. Much of the time though, he is on the floor.

Catstock: today, hopefully, we'll get alot accomplished. We have prizes to sort for each of the many games. Next week, the fresh movie popcorn arrives and the freshly made cotton candy also will arrive. Next Friday will be a huge busy day here. Visitors will be coming in from other states too! We are so excited about this event. Mike continues safely on his way to Ohio. Peace, love and cats----on to Catstock!

We will have BOXES this evening! Saturday will be a busy day here. In the morning, we have our last planning meeting for Catstock. In the afternoon--4:00 to 8:00 is an FFRC Volunteer BBQ picnic for everyone. Angie and Bill will be hosting this fun event at their house.

Steve and I worked in Albert's Garden--where we have many memorials to some of our past cats. New mulch has been laid and the new river rocks with cat names are now in place.

Cassidy is doing great--his surgical eye site looks terrific. Next week his sutures will be removed. Shirley, Liberty and Purrby are playing with a stuffed catnip mouse here in the office--each trying to get it away from the other! Little Harlow and Harper are doing great also. They are so little, but are eating good and playing with all the kittens. All is good!

FiFi in the outdoor enclosure! It's wonderful that she can see much better now!