Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weds., September 26

Tents are down and returned, porta pots are gone, tables and chairs returned to the churches that we borrowed them from, items packed away--we're ALMOST back to normal! Monday evening we had another power outage. We're not sure of the cause, but power was down for a 4 full hours. Internet was down for about 12 hours. When I rebooted the FFRC cam to get the audio/video back up, the x-chat on the FFRC cam wouldn't work. We'll be working on that tomorrow and see if it can be fixed. In the meantime, YOU have audio/video/chat box. WE only have video, so we can't chat from our side. But, if I bring the laptop out (which I've done a couple times), then we can see the chat and verbally talk with you! We'll get it all straightened out soon enough!

All is fine here. This cooler fall air has definitely brought out the crazies in the cats! It's been grand central station here--lots of playing, running and tossing toys around. Betz has become the biggest lap sitter. She loves to cuddle. Court has finally started playing with some of the kittens! A good sign of wanting to have some fun.

Emaline is on her medications to help with her skin. Her condition has erupted yet again. The vets know what is going on and are advising us on her treatment. She is not uncomfortable with her skin, that is good. Big Al's ear surgery went well. His incisions are healing. He's getting ear meds twice daily and antibiotics still. His sutures will be in till next week yet. Tenzin's leg wound is a bit nasty. He will be getting another scrub down of that leg. His leg amputation is still scheduled for Friday. He's on antibiotics twice daily. Farrah continues to get her seizures meds twice daily.

Pizazz is growing and is such a fun kitten. He loves to be cuddled, but he does not like his water exercise baths! He's pretty tolerant for his exercises that we do 3-4 times daily. Derecho is growing so much. It's a joy to watch him. He is learning quickly how to position his legs so he can walk about without falling so much. Such determination! Cassidy's eye enucleation looks absolutely wonderful!

We had a report from Petfinders. The top ten cats that were viewed are: Butterbur, Campion, FIlbert, Betony, Efrafa, Canton, Octavia, Ginseng, FiFi and Weber.

Because of Catstock, then the power outage on Monday and movie night on Tuesday, we have not had boxes for a little bit. But, tonight is BOX night! Since we have quite a few of them, BOXES are at 6:00, instead of 6:30 pm. Come join the fun!

Our 2 latest arrivals are doing great. Chambo is the little calico kitten with the very big eyes. Her new friend is another long fur, female, tiger/torti--also with big eyes! Her name is Gossamer--named after a Name a Cat, from the Catathon! They are staying in Dodger's Pen for now.

Get your voting finger ready! It won't be long until we can vote once again for FFRC, at The Animal Rescue Site. It begins October  8 and goes thru Dec. 16. This is the fourth quarter round. The site is:

I had to laugh--one of my webcam friends said this about me:  "I credit my long life to sardines, peanut butter cups, and movie theater popcorn."   I have to add this too: If I were to have a tombstone (which I won't), it would say this:  "Her Favorite saying is, "Is your cat spayed or neutered?".  Made for a good chuckle for me! Have a good day, everyone!