Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday, Sept. 2

We have the most wonderful and beautiful Cat Go Round Wheel in the world! Have you seen it yet? Goss has been planning for this ever since we got the wheel. Sev had a surprise for us also. Goss sent away for a heavy duty vinyl decal of our very own Logo! It's on the wheel, in the center and looks awesome! Sev sent us heavy duty stickers that we put on the outside of the wheel. All in all, the wheel looks terrific! Thanks to Goss and Sev.

One of the most interesting things to do, is to be quiet and just WATCH the interaction between cats. So much communication goes on, that it can be missed, if not watched for. Just now, Purrby came up on the desk, where Badu is all stretched out. Badu gives "the look", Purrby takes a step back. Purrby scoots forward, just a bit at a time. Badu puts her ears back, so Purrby stops. Purrby reaches a paw out, Badu puts her paw on top. She reigns. Then all is well. Both close their eyes and relax.

The 6 kittens from Cat's Corner Room have been sprung! They are now out and about with the rest of the gang. They are doing great--running around playing. Lots of new friendships will be made today.

Bella's birthday was yesterday and she had lots of Happy Birthday wishes. She even talked on the phone to one of her favorite people in the world--Felinetoyz! Bella also wore her 2 crowns last night for the cam, just for a couple minutes though! She had several baby food jars during the day! Today is Zavatars birthday--he is now one year old. Such a big handsome boy. He had a special birthday breakfast, all his own!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks ever so much.
Cgrcry from Lima, OH--12 pieces of treated lumber, 4x4x8 posts. Thanks ever so much, cg. Also thanks to Eric/LoveMyPetz for picking it up for us and delivering it.
Casey/Skeeter--a really neat box of candy, Totally 80s candy sampler from Funky Food Shop
Liz/lizmol from MI--letter and pictures of kitties Ariel and Jenny, bandaids for Diane, sardines, chocolate Oreos for Sigrid, bubblegum for Judy, treats for Octavia, baby food, treats for Graciela, Friskie can food, Fancy Feast can food, treats for Bondi and Zavatar, cereal for Jacci, Bounce dryer sheets
EagleSpirit--a senses activity toy (rocking roller)
Beachkatz and UncleKat--a wonderful thank you card for the volunteers, opened by Becky

We had rain last night, so I double checked the Cat's Cove. Again, no leaks! Sure happy about this. The cats are happy too! Treesa is a loverbug--super sweet and will purr just looking at her. Asha has it all figured out--if a person approaches her slowly, she'll roll over to have her tummy rubbed. Ginseng is crazy about any and all of the track ball toys. He puts those big feet of his in the track and smacks that ball rather sharply. No more chipmunks have been found in the Rescue Center--I'm sure that released one told ALL of the chippies to stay away from THAT place!

Happy Birthday, Zavatar!