Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, Sept. 7

Cassidy will making a trip up to our vet's office today. His eye enucleation will be done there today, late morning. As I hear how things are going, I will let you know by the cam chat. He will be coming home later today, as soon as he is done. Many hugs and kisses for Cassidy. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts today.

Tomorrow is our big surgery day. Dr. Darci, once again, will be here. Right now, we have 5 castrations and 8 spays, 1 dog castration (from ALOL), and approximately 8-10 physicals that need to be done. A very busy morning. Thanks to Joyce D. who will provide our pizza lunch--we work up quite an appetite! We'll keep you posted all morning how things are going.

Yesterday we had a big Catstock meeting. Plans are continuing and things are organized. This event is in just 2 weeks! Remember, to join us on the cam for Friday night, 9/21 as Mike will be doing a very special mini-cam just for the chatters and lurkers. The big day is 9/22. Carnival at 2:00-5:30. Concert is 5:30 to 6:30. We have 2 GIANT tents that will be put up on Friday. Two porta-pots will also be arriving, along with a big bleacher section that can hold dozens of people. The big porta grill for 240 chicken meals will also arrive the Friday before.

Mike, who is doing our concert, is leaving California today. They will drive to Phoenix (with Tinker the cat in tow) and spend a couple days visiting friends. Then on to Gallop, New Mexico. They will probably also stop in Indianapolis to visit the Indy Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. There's an RV Hall of Fame in Idiana they would also like to visit. Then a drive through his birthplace in Illinois and on to Ohio. We will keep you posted as to his travels.

We had BOXES--wonderful, lovely, appreciated boxes!!
Bonnie, Dave & Michael, In memory of Chance--royal canin kitty dry food, crocheted bed cushie, syringe needles, bag of kitty toys, lots of fleece and hand crocheted blankies, thank you notes, note cards, plates, face kitty wipes, A/D can food, 9 lives can food, several large blankets, pillow cases, beautiful quilt. Also showed a picture of Chance.
Eaglewatcher/Beth A--big box of Reese's miniatures and 2 cases of Friskies
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--a BIG box of "Candy Memories from the 60's, from Woodstock, NY--really fun, old fashioned candy!
Betz--"Chic" of the Sea Tuna Kitty Bed for Cutie and blue wig. We put the blue wig on Cutie, put her in her new bed (with her permission, of course!). Cutie was the cutest mermaid ever!
D'Lee--5 packages of Vita Gravy/grilled salmon
Casey & Skeeter--1 case of Friskies Whiskas, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 bag Royal Canin kitten dry cat food and a wonderful letter by these wonderful cats!
Renee C/Jakesmeowmy--case of Gravy Sensations, case of Friskies and 2 cases of Fancy Feast
Conii & Sundance--Hoops & Yoyo card (from Maddison & Elliot), 2 fuzzy "snakes" cataction toys, coil spring toys, 3 "hug and Kick toys, laser light, super soft cat bed, Senses Toy, small cat scratcher for kittens, q-tips, kitty face wipes, baby cereal and an M&M machine with personalized candy that says "FFRC Catstock, XOX & pawprints--so cute! Conii also sent for me, which I'm super grateful for: a beautiful bracelet (from artist Jes Maharry), cat chalk board with stand and the most beautiful totem I've ever seen (from artist Jes Maharry). The totem (made of metal) has a heart, dove, flower, sunshine, bird and an angel on it. We put it in our rock garden already last night--it's absolutely beautiful and a real treasure to me.
Jane D--a birthday card for Bella
Carla & Steve /BeachKatz--birthday card for Bella
Kathleen E from UK--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Sheila Hunter from Canada--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Mary B--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Patricia S from MI--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Renee C/Jakesmeowmy--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Carsten H from Germany--a PayPal donation for FFRC
We also showed the picture of Kimba and Barbarilla! So sweet.

Our weekly report from Petfinder arrived. Wow--we had 2009 total pet views. Betony came in first, followed by Campion, Butterbur, Filbert, Weber, Canton, Efrafa, then Purrby as the top eight!

Little Tallulah is sleeping on my desk, along with FiFi and Jaina. Tallulah takes the grand prize every morning for having the very biggest "meows" at breakfast time. She's so loud and has such a loooong meow! Derecho is walking all over the Rescue Center now. He is learning to control his "wobbleness" better and better each day.

Remember to check out our Zazzle store--they have some awesome things that are personalized for FFRC, including some really neat Catstock shirts, pins, sweatshirts. The site is
Sweep Campion--such an extra sweet kitten.