Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 26

Tomorrow is the big surgery day. I'll give you the names of the cats that will have surgery, in case you'd like to know! The girls are: Audrey, Betz, Chambo, Engelina, Gossamer, Harlow, Nance, Serephina, Tizzie, Zora, Kimshi, Arabella & the new mama, her teenage kitten and 2 of her 3 smaller kittens.  The boys are: Boulder, Christopher, Court, Dave, Drake, Galway, Kiwi, Pants, Rudy, Coco-Cola and the black long hair kitten of the mama cat. We also have a little dog, named Sugar that will be spayed. The check ups are for: Hank, Emaline, Bondi, Farrah, FiFi, Preakness and Sherry (my cat). 

We took on another kitten. But, this one is extra special, as it is Pushkin's brother. Remember, when Pushkin came in--he was covered in fleas, anemic and a bit weak. But, he perked up fairly quickly. His brother came in 2 days later--very flea covered and very weak and pale. He's still with us, but it's a little struggle. What a difference 2 days can make. I have them in a crate together (Pushkin was thrilled to see his brother) and have been feeding them often. This morning, I had them in the house to give their first feeding of the day. Emaline came over and gave them an after breakfast bath! How so very sweet to have seen this happen--instant friendship and acceptance. This world would be a lot better if we took a lesson from these dear cats. The new orangie baby is called Pushkiss.

That Audrey is amazing--she is zipping in and out of a tunnel here in the office. She's playing with Obadiah and Drake. She's getting fluffy! Such a joy to see her play. Miau is trying to get in on the action and keeps jumping on top of the tunnel. And of course, Campion has to have his say. He's laying at one end of the tunnel, and as they shoot out the end, he's whacking them! Kittens certainly know how to have fun and get along together. Even though they all come from different places, they have become friends and accept each other just as they are!

Remember when Betz first arrived? She wasn't so sure about the other kittens? She is right now sleeping on the back of my office chair, with Zora and Avens, all snugged up. You ask how am I also sitting on the chair? By a little part they "allow" me to have--the front edge! But, we don't mind sharing with each other--it's what makes the Rescue Center work--lots of understanding and peace among ourselves. 

We had BOXES last night--it was wonderful. I never cease to be amazed at the generosity shown to FFRC. You all help us tremendously.
Beverly JM--2 needed mop heads!
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too from FL (I do believe these pets got into their mama's purse & "borrowed" her credit card!)--3 lysol wipes, case of Friskies Pate, 2 big bags of Temptation treats, 2 bags of Purina One, 2 wall hanging hutches for books, folders & records.  Last night when I was out and checking on things, I also found a wonderful large new garbage container (Brute brand) from TT& A--thank you!
Ann P/Kikkocat from PA--card, fancy Feast dry, Pounce snackers, ear wipes, case of Friskies Pate, bag of Purina One dry, colorful painted cat from Aruba
Julie P & Sophie--4 pet stages cat nip mouse toys, small self warming crate pad, large self warming crate pad and 4 atomic rubber bouncing balls. (Julie had also sent a warming pad for Skittles who loved it!)
Phil P/iphilluv from NJ--bag of Werthers, 6 boxes of Snyders Pretzels, 5 pounds of Twizzlers, 4 bags of Reeses PB cups, 2 big bags of assorted candies, 12 bags of Lifesaver peppermints, big box of Donut Shop K-cups and Oxy med ear wipes

Dave just took a spin in the office at 100 MPH--with Zora and Harlow in hot pursuit. I love watching how Farrah plays in the bathing tub with a coil toy--she meows and meows with it in her mouth. Buckeye is watching Penn and Engelina playing, wiggling his behind, in anticipation of jumping on them. People ask me quite often--how do they all get along so nicely? The truth is, they do have their squabbles at times, not often, but occasionally. But, the good thing is, they forgive easily. There's too much fun to be had in this world to waste their time on being angry with each other. Their friendship door stays open. What a wonderful way that cats have! 

Send prayers up for a stress-free, successful surgery day tomorrow! We'll keep you all posted through out the day! 

Tabitha--such a sweet kitten.