Thursday, October 4, 2012

A special blog 10/4/12

We are asking for help to get a very special cat transferred from this area, to Illinois, then on to Reno Nevada. Here's the story: A wonderful, older cat of 15 years was lost in a State Park in Indiana on 9/16. She spied a bird on the other side of the door, and went thru the screen--something she had never done before. Thank goodness, a ranger at the park found Skittles on 9/30. She is currently staying at a family members home, awaiting a trip to get back to her elderly owners in Reno. They are asking for help to make it possible to get Skittles home. 

Because of the age of her owners and Skittles herself, it is important and necessary to make this trip happen as soon as possible. She is very much missing her home.

We have a volunteer already who is willing to get Skittles from this area (Ohio) to Illinois. It's thought if the trip could follow the I-80 corridor all the way across to Reno, that it would be a good trip plan. 

If you could do a jag of this trip, please e-mail me. If we can do state by state, that would be awesome. Please, e-mail me if you are seriously considering this. Must be 21 years or over. Would very much like to keep to that I-80 route. Thank you.  Jacci