Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16

I'm sorry we didn't do BOXES last night. Tonight, Steve and I will be going to the movies, as normal, but WILL do BOXES upon return! Not sure exactly what time that will be though.

All is well here at FFRC. Audrey is doing much better--she and Tizzie love to play and wrestle. They will probably be out and about very soon. Audrey's "tummy troubles" are also much better. Two happy kittens. Betz is again on my desk--I believe she thinks I can't work without her in my lap. Drake, Graciela and Harlow are at it again--playing tag and each trying to be tougher than the others.

Next Saturday, the 27th is our next surgery date. On Monday, Mary and I will weigh all the cats/kittens and make up the surgery schedule. Dr. Darcy, Bonnie and Lynnette will again be here. We'll let you know the surgery list as soon as it's done.

Many thanks to:
Cantoncat--a donation to FFRC for her mom's 84th birthday. Happy Birthday to Rita's mom!
Jean & Neil S from OH--a donation to FFRC
Kim K from MI--a donation to FFRC
Carolyn & Beth--day visitors last week--a case of water, gallons of bleach and 4 cases of baby food (Bella spied this and was smiling!)

Macallan is playing with a tiny tiny piece of paper--he's flipping it up and carefully scooping it up again to flip it. There's 4 tigers all napping together--Miler, Spruce, Tenzin and Goodness. It looks like one giant cat! It's suppose to be a beautiful day today. We will be opening the little catdoor to the outdoor enclosure for the cats to enjoy.

Skittles Update: She's eating very well and purrs so quickly. She is fully ready to make her flight home on Thursday. I know some of the newspapers have gotten hold of this story, but please know--this story is about SKITTLES. Steuben County Humane Society in Indiana had a huge part of this rescue--they're the ones that initially took her in and made her comfortable and filled her tummy. The ranger that found her, the campers that put food out for her, the transport people--many many people involved. We (FFRC) are just a small part of this wonderful story. Just think--in 2 days Skittles will see her mom! THAT'S what this is all about. If you yourself want to make a difference--contact your local shelters or rescues. Ask them what you can do for them. I'll bet there's not a one that would refuse your help!

There are 3 kittens playing--all having a tug of war with a coil toy. Sure hope no one gets zapped on the nose if one lets loose of it! Spruce, Linden and Tabitha are involved. Putter is doing great. He now follows everyone into the bathroom--this always makes me laugh. He doesn't care who it is, if they're going into the bathroom, he's going too! It makes me wonder if he did this in his previous home?! Emaline is definitely having some good days. We're aggressively treating her condition. She looks a little better, is not uncomfortable and is so happy to be inside. I know some of you would like to see her, but Steve and I don't have the heart to tell her she has to go out in the rescue center.

I couldn't find my black shoes this morning. I thought I had left them on the red stairs going into the house. I eventually did find them....right where I thought. Except there was Kiara laying on them, completely hiding them! Roadinia and Oban are good friends. They play and nap together a lot. It's always interesting how they pick their friends and find them!

A BOX!  A lovely BOX!  We love those BOXES!!  Tonight we will have boxes, but not until after Movie Night!