Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, Oct. 4

Oh, what a beautiful day! It's suppose to be close to 80 degrees. A good day for the cats to go out in their outdoor enclosure! They will love it. The wild tall grass that we planted a couple years ago, is finally growing! The cats have another huge box to play in today--they love it. We have it filled with brown paper and they're having fun jumping in and out. 

Our 2 newly adopted cats, Betony and Butter Bur made it safely to New York. Today, I'm sure, will be a great day of exploring. Their new mama, Linda, said she would post pictures on facebook soon for all to see. Our two new kittens Christopher and Dave are coming along. Christopher is still so very very thin, but is starting to fill out slowly. Dave started playing yesterday--a good thing to see! Tenzin's surgical site is healing nicely. He's been a bit shy, so we will work on that with him. Won't be long until the door to June's Room is opened for those 3 kittens (Goss, Chambo & Pants) to come out and play.

Yesterday, we did some rearranging here in the rescue center. Patience's Pen was moved out. This was one of my first pens, bought many many years ago. It was originally  designed for 4 babies to sleep in it. When laws changed, the church could no longer use it as such. It's been a great pen, but because of the way the doors work, we were always in danger of pinching legs and feet. This has been a worry for a long time. So, Patience Pen will retire. Pens #1,2,3,4 (a 2 condo set) was moved into it's place and another condo was retrieved out of storage and put where the other pens had been. I think this will work nicely and we won't have to worry about hurting any kitty legs. One of these new pens will have the honorary name of Patience's Pen.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks coming your way!
Bev D--cat nip buds, coil toys, Kong Kickeroos and a case of assorted Fancy Feast
Anonymous G from FL--newsletter, snacks/treats for volunteers, Cat in a Bag Toy, 2 really cool tshirts--for Judy S and myself!
Bantry--M&M's (individual packets) with FFRC log, Putter and Love FFRC Vols on the candy pieces. Really a neat thing to give the volunteers!
RunBeecaRun--coil toys, q-tips, case of Friskies, case of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Jakesmeowmy--1 case of Friskies Salmon & a case of Whitefish/Sardines
Boxy--a letter about an orphaned Box, 3 mouse toys, 6 packages of Temptation treats, bunches of volunteer goodies, LOTS of tuna and salmon.  Thanks to our anonymous Boxy friend.
TippyNTraylor & Ashley Too--Time Zone Clock (this will be fun, to keep track of YOUR times!)
Janak/Janet--a cat "Check Out" book so I know what cats are being taken to Kitty Kastle during visits. A great idea!
Tami L/Cassiecat from AZ--stamps and a donation & 7 kisses for Betony
KarenTN from Tenn--a donation for FFRC
Day Visitor with 2 kids--8 cans of 9-Lies and cat toys
Milleborn & Autumn Meow--a big box of Bounce, a large box of Ziploc bags (quart & sandwich size)
Kelly S/Kellyssong from MD--a donation thru PayPal in memory of Pizazz
Deborah M from CA--a donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz and Jazzie
Jennifer S from MA--a donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz
William D from VA--a donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz, Bravo & Jazzie

The cats are higher than kites today.They got some special catnip this morning and wow--they turned into real crazy cats! There are 14 of them here in the office with me, still acting goofy. Makes for lots of smiles! Weber is playing with the new Kickaroo--and that's exactly what he is doing--kicking it furiously! Faleena and Buckeye are having a tussling match--it's been going on for over 5 minutes. Graciela, for once, is napping! 

Betz is once again sleeping on my desk. Penn and Teller were stalking Liberty and Roadinia--but those kittens turned and got the best of the Peller boys! Was great to see. Cyrilla is up on my shoulder! She tends to be a shy girl, but really does have a loving side to her.

Bill and Angie all dressed for Catstock!