Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weds., October 10

This is the hard time of the year. There is never ever enough homes for all the kittens and cats that are "out there". Yet, with each day, we still get more and more calls. It seems in the fall, that people start thinking of the cold winter and want to "get rid" of their outside cats so they don't have to worry about them. If only, if only they would spay those females in the spring, they wouldn't now have 15 cats to worry about. Such a sad situation for these wonderful creatures. There is no way that one no-kill rescue center can keep up with the demand. The ONLY way to truly make an impact on the numbers is to spay/neuter. Please, if you can help, grab an unhomed male or female cat, take it in to the vets, have it neutered or spayed, re-release it and feed it. It WILL make a difference for that cat's life and for rescue centers.

(Dave has just zoomed by again) We took in another kitten yesterday. This poor baby took a trip on the frame of a car. At a drive thru restaurant, it dropped down onto the parking lot. The car it was on, grazed it with a wheel. The lady that saw it happen, jumped out and grabbed it and then brought her here. This poor baby has been burned on it's back--the lower section of her back has had the fur singed, but didn't do too much damage to the skin itself--just inflammation. I'm not exactly sure what happened to this kitten, but she had black "gunk" (not oil, maybe grease?) encased on its legs and much around the face. After  3-sudsy baths, she looks much better, but still has a ways to go. She also has a slight upper respiratory infection. Most of the tire tread marks came off also with the bath. She is about 7 weeks old and her name is Audrey. (Dave just zoomed by again, with Oban in hot pursuit)

As you know, Ustream has changed some things again. They are still working out some of the kinks, but I know some of you are discouraged about it. Many of you also are watching the webcam on Bobcat. Just remember, Bobcat doesn't have the advertisements, so there's no revenue there for us. Please keep checking on the main Ustream and click on those advertisements that interest you. I'm sure Ustream will get this all straightened out soon. (Dave is now running by chasing Harper.)  FFRC made $1,025.75 for the month of September just by the ads! It is a huge help to us!

Leenie (a viewer and moderator) is now selling items for Pampered Chef. She is having an on-line "party" for FFRC. If sales are under $600, then FFRC gets 10% of the sales. If over $600, then it goes up to 15% of the sales. It's easy--just go to:   Then click on "our products", then type in friends of feline. That will take you to the place to order products for the FFRC fundraiser. Thanks! Remember, Christmas is coming up!

PetFinders is back up and running for FFRC. (I swear this just happened--now Dave is pouncing on Drake and Zora and sprinting away from them, just to come back and do it again.) We explained the situation to PetFinders and told them about what happened and that Zelda and Octavia are sorry ( I sure HOPE they are, at least!) But, anyway, PetFinders is showing FFRC cats again. I'm planning on doing major updates this week.

Please remember to vote for FFRC at:  We have a good chance of winning high votes for a weekly $1,000 prize. We have 51.58% of Ohio votes! Keep voting. FYI--FFRC will not show up on the first page of results, since we already won the BIG prize for this year. We will only show up on the Ohio state page of results.   Remember to mark your calendar for November 25,26,27 for something fun!

Update on Skittles: She has now gained 3 ounces since her arrival. She eats much better than when she first arrived and enjoys people coming in to visit with her. Her energy level is much better. Here is the big news--we have had enough donations come in to fly Skittles back to her mom in Reno, with a companion. I would very much enjoy taking Skittles to Reno myself and am making plans to do so. One day of travel will be much easier on Skittles than 4-6 days of car travel. I personally don't enjoy flying as much as I use to (mainly because I don't like being away from FFRC for long), but I truly would love to see that Skittles makes it back to Reno and to meet her family. Hopefully, this will happen next week. I won't stay in Reno, actually won't even leave the airport. I will do back to back flights so I can return in a short amount of time. Will keep you posted. Our local paper and an Indiana paper is doing a story on Skittles this week.

Dave is now sitting on the little cat rocking chair and making it rock! THis kitten is so much fun--he has one speed and that is FAST! Galway and Rudy are playing with a pile of UPS paper--bouncing in and out of it. Boulder is sitting on the side and swatting them when their paws stick out! Never a dull moment here.

One of our loved oldsters--Magentta