Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weds., October 24

We are cat/kitten over-runneth. But, not to worry, we're doing just fine. We are just now heading into the beginning of our busy times for adoptions! November, December, January, February and March are our best adoption months. Doesn't it just make you will be adopted soon?!! I know it's hard to see all these kittens and cats and wonder about their future homes, but, we WILL get awesome homes. 

Just so you all know where I stand on this policy: we do NOT adopt out to families that have an intact cat or dog. We believe strongly that house pets need to be spayed/neutered--no matter what the breed is. There is simply too many kittens and puppies "out there"--not nearly enough homes. Even if breeding is not the intention, every heat cycle that a dog or cat goes thru increases the chance of uterine cancer. And what about pyometra, an infected uterus. They can die from this, but it can be prevented completely by spaying. The older a male pet goes without being neutered, the higher the chances are of testicle cancer. Yes--this too can be prevented by neutering. I am not beyond begging people to spay/neuter their pets. Take care of them!

We took in another kitten yesterday. How could we refuse? This little baby (white & black), was dumped at a gas station. A Coca-Cola delivery man saw the kitten, the kitten saw him, kitten came running to him, almost being ran over by a car in the process, and ran to the man, up his leg and then sat on his shoulder, safe and sound. So, his name is now known as Coca-Cola. He makes 9 now in Thumper's Room.

But, this morning, was a big move day. Derecho has now lost his "night time room", the Cat's Corner Room and will now spend his nights out with the rest of the gang. The 9 from Thumper's Room are now in Cat's Corner Room. They've all been tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed, fleas removed, ears cleaned and flea prevention applied. We do have names for a few. The new female Siamese is now known as Kimshi. The little calico that came with Kimshi, is Arabella. The tiny little baby (orange tiger boy) is called Pushkin. These 3 names are from the Name the Cat from the Catathon. Names for the family of 5 will be happening soon. 

Many thanks to the following for their support of FFRC:
Michele/fivecatgal from KY--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal for FFRC, in honor of Mod Janaka's birthday (to cover water/juice for volunteers this Saturday's surgery day)

Mike C, our concert friend, has the new FFRC CD done! It's recorded and is now on the next step of it's journey to make lots of CD's for us. Here are the songs: Because of Putter, All God's Children (and Cats), There's a Cat in the Shelter, Lean on Me, Till there was You, Cats Everywhere and Feliz Navidad. Wow--this will be an awesome CD. 

Here's the plan for Mike's visit: Arrive November 25, Sunday. On Monday, instead of Box Time, we'll have a mini-concert to introduce the CD--isn't that just wonderful! We get to hear Mike sing "our" songs. He will also sign the CD's. Everyone is invited. We'll have pizza and lots of fun. Then, Mike has to leave on Tuesday. A short, but wonderful, visit. 

Had our weekly report from PetFinders. Our top 10 cats that were viewed are: Badu, Weber, Farrah, Campion, Graciela, Tweets, Octavia, Miau, Filbert and Zelda. Our big surgery date is this coming Saturday. When those kittens/cats are spayed/neutered, they will then be put on PetFinders. 

Have you heard the song, People Like You?  It's wonderful. 
"People like you, make life nice for people like me.
I like the things you do. I hope you know what you mean to me.
We go on a livin', the best worth given.
That's the way it was meant to be.
You fill my heart up, like the warmth from the sun above.
People like you make life nice, for people like me."
Makes me think of all of you--our supporters, friends, volunteers, lurkers, chatters, moderators.
Thanks to Mechelle (DiegoKitty) for sending this to me.