Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday, December 1

Happy December month--the most special of all months, the celebration of Christmas!

Our election is done and ANONY is now the mayor of Cat's Cove. All important decisions will be made thru Anony. I realize that Jonah and Sevaun and Rolland will be disappointed, but hopefully, they'll get behind their new mayor and support him. Afterall, it's in their best interest. If Anony orders catnip treats, it must be done. If he orders an extra blankie or two, it must be done! He'll be a wonderful mayor! I wonder what's in store for them. Because of the nice weather yet, they are still in Cat's Cove. This is by far the longest they've been able to stay in the Cove!

The swearing in ceremony for Anony to accept his position as Mayor of Cat's Cove will be Sunday at NOON, right here on our webcam. Don't miss it! 

Unfortunately, I've gotten behind and didn't get the blog done yesterday. The most important thing to me is to give my thanks for the boxes, so these boxes are those that we opened on Thursday night:
Kerswill/Nancy--large bag of scoopable litter, big bag of Purina One indoor forumala, dry
AnnaMarie from MO--warming Snuggle heater pad
Deb B--a huge box of Pampers wipes (for wipes for the cats), bag of Wellness cat dry food, bunkbed and playroom for Derecho, purple rug, blue rug and 2 kitty loungers with scratching poles
TippyNTryalor & Ashley too--big box of 13 gallon garbage bags
Jacksmom--4 cases of baby food
Jenny & Dave M--Christmas card
Austin W from OH--donation for FFRC
Isabella H from FL--Christmas card and donation to help with Doves medical needs
Susan TC from Ohio--donation for FFRC
Butterfly Class in Belgium--skineee skunk toy for Derecho, rainbow pictures of bird, fish & turtle and 5 kitty puzzles put together by the class
Jennifer M from TX--a Japanese book of a woman and her cat in photos--an amazing book
Beth (who is visiting FFRC for a few days)--cranberry, orange & pecan bread (one is already eaten!) and a delicious coconut cream pie
Julie P--a delicious fruitcake made by a famous family recipe. All the proceeds from the fruitcake goes to help Camp Courageous, a camp for handicapped kids and adults.

Dove had her surgery visit at the vets yesterday. Everything went really well. Her middle  toe (right leg) was removed, the 1st and 3rd toes had a small portion of the toe (including toenail) removed and then these 2 toes were sewed together to make a bigger pad. We're still watching the outcome of toe 4. The foot is wrapped for 2 reasons--to keep it clean from litterbox usage and to keep undue pressue off the bottom of her paw for right now. I'll change the dressing on Sunday. Also on Sunday, we will remove her sutures from the left leg amputation. All in all, Dove is doing good. She's still on pain meds and antibiotics. 

Those orangies--they sure know how to dish out the loving--Weber, Pants and Nance has been "grabbing" everyone at the door and asking to be held. They've got it down-pat and know what to do! 

Sorry, this is short. Will catch up soon and also have another blog for last night's boxes (Friday) coming soon. Take care, everyone!

Mayor Anony