Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today is an important day! Anony will address "his people", as the Mayor of Cat's Cove! If you'd like to join the fun, Anony will be here in the rescue center at 12 noon EST, on the cam. I saw him up late last night, working on his speech and I believe he was working on some other paperwork as well. He had a frown on his handsome face, so not sure what that is all about. He said he'd speak to us later about that. Hmmm.......

Our new cat, Findlay is wonderful, loving and super sweet. He had his bath yesterday (finally) and is cruising about in Thumper's Room. He's about ready to come up to Cat's Corner Room today sometime. I have the door to Thumper's Room open, so the Welcome Room office cats and he are greeting/meeting together. He seems to be fine with other cats. He looks a lot like Gib. There's 2 differences--on Findlay's right ear, he has a tiny tiny nick on the edge of his ear. Also on his right rear leg, he has a dark smudge, small, but seeable from the cam. 

This morning, Dove will get her sutures out and her dressing changed on her foot. We will put another dressing back on for another couple days. Pania is sitting right now on my lap. She's relaxed. Her safety zone is in June's Room--she feels comfortable and safe in there. What a love she is.

We have a special visitor! Janet/Janak from New Zealand is once again here! She will be with us for a while and will also go to Val's house for a visit too. So glad to have Janet here. She's a real pleasure to have. She will again get to see her kitten, Kooper. County and Jaina will be staying for a while in Kitty Kastle with Janet.

Zora and Tizzie are both here in the office too--zipping along together playing. They are still zbout the same size. Both very nice kittens. Zora just squeezed herself under one of the cat trees--took a bit of squishing, but she did it! Now she's peeking out! 

Next Saturday, 12/8 is our next surgery date. We won't have as many to do this time, but it's important that we get the rest of these cats/kittens neutered/spayed. Dr. Darcy will also do a few physicals again. The next day, Sunday, 12/9 will be a fun day! There's a cat show in Maumee, about 1 hour away. I love going to these, but didn't get to last year. I'm looking forward to going. Janet will also be going to the cat show!

We have some thank yous to get caught up with. I am so very grateful to people for helping us keep stocked up on our supplies--it makes a huge difference to us. I have gotten behind, so this list will include 2 nights of BOXES!
11/30 Friday:
Margaret H/Eartheyes from NC--Laurel Burch card and a really nice long 2013 cat calendar
Judy L from OH--note cards, 4 packgs of Christmas napkins, LOTS of appetizers, kitty snackers, pop tabs & box tops for Kellen, Fancy Feast can food
Jakesmeowmy--box of Whiskas Purrfectly chicken, case of baby Fancy Feast, case of Gravy Lovers pouches, case of Friskies
Kerswill/Nancy G--case of Friskies meaty bits
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too from FL--8 one gallon jugs of Mr. Clean
JilllR27--big bag of Purina One Chicken & Rice, bag of adult Iams, case of Crown Prince Sardines
Sue S/Sue23 from NY--very nice letter, gift baskets!!! A basket with cat items, mug with ornament basket, baking basket, bag of 50's candy basket, , Godiva Mug with chocolates & cocoa basket, Ssnowman mug with hot cocoa, marshmallows & choc chunks basket, Keylime cupcake & frosting basket.  Case of Meow mix packets, box of Temptation treats, case of Appetizers
Mary & Phyllis--day visitors! Dippy crackers & kitty chow (yum), Iams food, 5 beds, Santa bed, toys, can chicken, tablets, q-tips, TLC candy, bowls, gallon plastic bags, water bottles, towels & cups
D'Lee--Vita Gravy--the cats love this in their breakfasts

12/1 Saturday:
Janak--2 door frame toys for Jaina (to exercise Jaina while in Kitty Kastle)
Tanya/dutchy504--to Octavia--2 boxes of  pouch food (for her to heist!)  I think Octavia talked dutchy into this! 
Tigercat54--a Hello Kitty blanket/rug
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--a big pack of Lysol wipes
Gramma June for Derecho--holiday air freshner, kitty toys, liquid hand soap, 3 rolls duct decorative tape, LED3 pack flashlights, York peppermint patty coffee creamers, napkins
Heather/heatherlynn & Marsha R--card, snowman soft blankie, volunteer snackers, bonito flakes, Appetizers, tray of Purrfectly Chicken & Fish, q-tips, 3 postie notes,, kitty toys
Mindy S and Taz & Camry--a beautiful large green paw print Marshmallow bed
Nancy G/kerswill--memorial donation
Kiwi--5 large New Zealand's Whittaker's chocolate--different flavors
Betz from PA--Christmas card with a donation to add to something that is being sent for grandkids (fun!)

Many thanks too for our PayPal friends:
Sandra DE from Canada--donation for FFRC and in honor of volunteers for Christmas 
Lynn H--donation for FFRC, as a thank you for the joy the cats have given her
Rita SF--donation, in memory of Frankie Marie, her 12 year old calico
Marilyn B--donation for the 5 million things we do!!
Nikka--donation, in memory of Tyna

We're going to have a change here in the evenings at BOX TIME. (remember, change is good!) Starting next box time, instead of 6:30, boxes will start at 6:00. This will help me to be able to get done sooner and in the house quicker! After boxes, there's usually a little tidying up yet to do,litter boxes to scoop, sometimes meds yet to give and the night time playground to set up. So, doing boxes at 6:00 will help! 

Thanks for all of Mike's CD orders! If you would still like to order an FFRC CD that Mike made special for the Rescue Center, go to our website and go to the link Shop Now. We'll get a CD off to you right away! They are $18 (in the USA) and $20 (for outside the USA). 

See you at 12 noon! We'll also have a special treat that we'll make for the Covies, the story about Anony's name and how he got to be a Covie. 

Octavia trying to figure out the locks on the food cabinets!