Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday, December 21

One of our volunteers, Amy, is a teacher in Bryan. They have visited our webcam and have sent the Rescue Center an envelope of Christmas wishes. Thank you, class and Amy!

I've heard back from Pat who has adopted Liberty and Gib. Things are progressing. Gib gets his little canned tidbits in private, so as to not hurt Liberty's feelings! Her stool is improving and both cats are happy. They have explored every inch of her house already!  I've also heard back from Uncle Eric's sister (she visits at holiday times) who adopted Gossamer and Kiwi. Both kittens are doing fine. They are very comfortable with their mom and feel safe in the security of their own home. While they hide when visitors come, that is ok, as they love their mom. I also talked to Christopher's new dad yesterday and all is fine. Christopher is super-loved!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--I'm so grateful for each and every item!
Cantoncat--6 packs of Whiskers Lickins snackers, 2 cases of Friskies pate, 4 cases of Friskies Prime Filets and 1 case of Frisky Tasty Treasures
Deb11111--10 reams of colored paper
Debbie & Jim from Georgia--Christmas card for Jacci/Voluntters (a musical chicken song!), cat collars, a beautiful peacock box with bath soap, cat nip toys, mouse toys, sardine toys, a Don't Open till Christmas Box (what fun!) 
Sandra E--case of baby food
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--snow flurries bubble bath, sardines, mouse/cheeese tys, chocolate sardines (I love this!), vita gravy and a book "Best seat in the House" Cats in the window picutres
Dave, Bonnie & Michael M from MI--shopping list notepad, Christmas card, special donation from Michael, gift for Steve, 2 bags of candy, sleeping kitty figurine, rose in a globe paperweight
Lucytoons-300 small white paper plates and a bag of natural doggie snacks
Brenda C--2 cases of Friskies for Raza & friends and the older cats
Selena and Scott W from IN--donation, wash cloths, kittiy Christmas stocking full of toys and kitty food, kitty snackers, fancy feast/meow mix, whiskas snackers, hartz milk replacer and 2 packs of baby wipes
Julie P and Sophie--For Janet--pink kitty socks. For Steve & Jacck--travel coffee mugs, bracelet and 2 envelope openers
Aunty Julie--Christmas card, pop tabs for kellen, 2 cat grass kits, doggie snackers, 2 spin ball toys, 2 big cat jingle balls, lots of cat snackers, "Octavia proof" smarty cat catnip containers, stack of sardines, mini turbo tracker, 2 tins of homemade Treasure Cookies, tin of Rum Balls, homemade banana bread, Book: "Cat Confessions" and a mug that says "Think Pawsative"
Phil and Cleo--box of Friskies kitty snackers
Anonymous Friend from TN--a big box of things for volunteers to be opened off cam and envelopes for the volunteers.  A special thanks to you
Katmomof2/Kath R and Willow, Oliver--big case of Charmin toilet paper and 2 big bags of Purina One
Shawn and Maggie/Magspa from PA--Christmas card and a donation and card for the volunteers
Beth A/eaglewatcher from IL--a very special Christmas card and note and a Visa gift card for Jacci & Steve
Sheila W from TX and kitties Sparky, Rose and Kat--Christmas card, stamps and a donation
Joanne H/Anniecat from Kansas and cats/dogs-- JJ, Avery Louie, Molly and Bailey--Christmas card and a donation
Barb/laeo and Steve C from GA--Christmas card and a donation
Terry W/TWKitty and kitties Simon and Sophie from CA--Christmas card and a donation
Judy & Jay and kittie Hainesport--Christmas card and a donation in honor of the volunteers
Cathy D from Ontario--donation thru PayPal to help with Gallant
Janet D--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Edgar B from IL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal to help with Gallant's pain meds
Cathy/ordinarydiva from NY--donation thru PayPal to help with Gallant
Melisa S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Colleen L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

If you would like to make a donation to FFRC, you can click on the Donate Now button that's under the Ustream KittyCam video! Thanks to Lenz for making this possible.

Remember to submit your recipe for our Second Edition FFRC cookbook! Go to

Janet has been working very hard on making a birthday calendar of all the cats/kittens. Check it out on our website: Click on About Us, then click on Birthday Celebrations. Janet has the birthday, the date of arrival, their classification (porchie, covie, etc.) and their description. Thanks, Janet. 

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Gallant. Unfortunately, this cat did not arrive under good conditions. Someone deliberately burned him. He is an unneutered orange short hair tiger cat, only about 9-10 months old. Probably because he was spraying, someone lifted his tail and poured something burnable on his private parts and on his back and then lit him on fire. Why, why do some people think that this is ok? Wouldn't it have been far better to simply take this cat to a rescue or shelter then to cause such pain to him? This is NOT ok to do. Gallant peed this morning, which is a miracle in itself. We now have to see if he can poo. As I said, his "parts" are severely burned. He is on pain meds and antibiotics. He was sedated yesterday and put in a warm bath to scrub his many wounds. This will continue daily. His burns were then slathered with burn ointment. This has happened to a really nice pettable, lovable, purring cat. It's not like he was feral where someone couldn't have picked him up and taken him to a rescue/shelter. This was indeed done on purpose. The police are involved. I will also be in contact with our vets today. Gallant WANTS to live and he loves to be loved on. 

On a brighter note--all is well here. The kitties have been on their best behavior, or at least, that's what they're saying. I asked them about the food cabinet that was in disarray, the drawer with the stacks of paper that was flopped over, the wastebasket that was tipped over, the pile of clean laundry that was on the floor, the tipped over water bowl and the cookie that had the frosting licked off of it. Not a single cat knew what I was talking about. They all said that they were being very very good! Okay, I guess I'll believe them! 

Engelina--what a beauty with rabbit soft fur.