Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday, December 20

Pssst---what did you say, Putter? Putter wants it known to the kitties and cats that he EXPECTS them to be on their very best behavior this week. After all, Christmas is almost here and it's important to show honor by being extra kind to all the one another kitties and cats. You got it, Putter. Your voice has been heard!

We had TWO adoptions this morning! Yes, this morning already. I have a friend, Pat that lives across the river from me. She lost her cat (due to old age) about 1/2 year ago. It's taken her a while, but she is now ready to have a cat family. I talked to her a couple days ago when she called. I use to work with her at a vet office and I love how she loves her cats. She has medical background experience and told me she was willing to help me with any special needs cats. I told her we need help with Liberty. She cannot have can food and there's too easy access of the food here for her at FFRC. So, here was her thought though--she wanted to adopt TWO cats, not one. The second cat was my choice--just pick one that would be fun and is a good friend to Liberty. That would be Gib. Pat came over this morning, collected her new kitties and has already texted me that both are settling in. She has the meds for Liberty, will feed can food to Gib in private and will keep me posted in regards to both of the cats, but especially of Liberty. 

We had BOXES last night! So many boxes and so many thank yous to give back to you!
Sherry and David W--wreath & Christmas card made by David, Walmart gift card, 2013 calendar, 3 suet blocks, song bird bird food, 1 case of Gravy sensations, woodpecker treat bar and a beautiful bird feeder   Special thanks to David!
Julie P--2 mat quilted beds, box of Whisker Lickens chicken, Dewey's Christmas book at the Library, and a fabulous 10 piece cheese & sausage Wisconsin Cheeseman gift box!
Widdletiger--card and a 3 pack of Q-tips (to replace allllll those q-tips that Gib has "stolen"!)
Jean S--a Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese gift box
Mayumi from Japan--Hello Kitty plastic storage bags, accordion Christmas card, Kleenex individual packs, Royal Canin Pouches, Japanese book of Grandma and Her Cat Book, Royal Canin Appetizers and 4 cans of special sardines from Japan!
Deb B--24 cans of Turducken for kitties Christmas meal and 5 cans gourmet meal can foods
Penny V/Pansil--bird treats!---pinecone treats, Christmas trio seed packs for birds, classic pecan wreath for woodpeckers, bird seed strawberries, gingerman bird treats
Phyllis B--cheese and sausage meat gift pack from Figis
Whitney H/Whitster from OH--a Christmas kitty song card, gourmet chocolate covered Oreos, gourmet truffles and chocolate mint patties
Kelly R from CA--paw points, planner/calendar office supply bag, cat snackers, Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, Chicken Soup for the Soul can cat food, Royal Canin food, 3 cases of Wellness food, cosmic catnip, cat nip nibbler toys, feather toys, lots of aAppetizers, case of Puurfectly Fish, 2 big cans of Chicken, oreo cookies, nutter butter cookies
Annnette B & furbabies Flynn, Lucky and Elsie--Royal Canin can food for oldsters (for Putter), noisy toy for Pania, extra yummy treats for the Volunteers, 2 bags of cat snackers, case of Purrfectly Chicken, 9x12 email protectors (to protect from Badus paper eating!), extra crunchy peanut butter Santa, little book "Smitten with Kittens"
Sandra E--for Anony: laser etched ornament with Anony on the glass to hang on a window
Laura/Emmie05 andJenna & furbabies Emmie Lou, Jake, Theo and Lilly--box of chocolate sardines!!,card and gift card, wash cloths, hand towels, old fashion gum/candy in a container, bag full of Temptations and Whisker Lickins, clorox wipes and a big bag of Chocolate candy bars.  Also a poem called "Cycle of Love and Death"--just beautiful!
Kellysong--scoopable litter, big box
Tom & Nancy /kerswill from MI--musical Christmas card and pictures from Domino/Amber, purple quilted bed, large blue & white bed, snackers, case of Fancy Feast cans, case of Appetizers, X-treme cat nip, gift bag full of Russel Stovers for volunteers, nice poem (favorite things)
Autumn & Anna B from France--Santa Christmas cat card
Terry M from IN & furbabies Boomer & Smokey--Christmas card and donation
Peverley & Bill and twins Ryan & Conner--Christmas card and family picture
Robin D and Jim and Lilo from OH--CHristmas card and donation
Becky M and furbaby Piper from NY--Christmas card and donation
Kim & Josh S and furbaby Scribbles--Christmas card
Anonymous from Ohio--Christmas card and WalMart gift card
Judy/judeanlee and Phillip L and cats Tigger, Annie and Marmalade--stickers, Christmas card and lots of forever stamps
Butterfly class from Belgium--a wonderful note, kitty math sheet that they use from our ustream cam and special Christmas card made by her kids for the volunteers
Dan P--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jackie G--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Tammy/bellabell01 from PA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Ellen E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Aleda S from VA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Adam N from CO--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Thanks to some creative writings by webcam viewers and our Cantoncat friend, we have been provided with some wonderful stories that Janet and I are reading after boxes this week to our webcam friends. Come join the fun. We will continue this thru Christmas Eve. 

Dove's foot looks awesome! We're finally seeing the end of her treatment for her horrible leg-trap wounds. What a blessing. She is also coming out of her shell and sticking around to watch us and catch what is happening with the kitties! Pania too, is playing more and more each day. What a joy to see this. Derecho was in the house last night. Oh, did he enjoy himself. He's such a happy cat. He made me laugh when he put his paw on Einstein's long tail. Einie gave him a poke with his beak--didn't bother Derecho--he just stared at him! 

Gent is a paw-boy. He loves to lay his paw on a hand--oh, so gentle. Last night was the last night that Pushkins and Pushkiss has to spend their night time sleeping hours in June's Room--they're free to cruise about at night now! We also will start leaving the door to Dove's pen open 24/7 now. Engelina just took off after Willard--those two can run ever so fast. Engelina barely puts her weight on that crooked front leg of hers when she runs, but she goes so fast, it's hard to tell.

Joe-Bob is doing great--he's feeling just fine now. Just an occasional sneeze. Considering the condition he arrived in, he's made great strides. He's another happy boy--he has purring down to an art! Little Keena and Basil are also two fast-winged kittens. Where one is, usually the other is right behind, doing the great chase and find game.

The very handsome new Porchie--Whiskers. He says, Merry Christmas!