Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 12

What an awesome feeling--I paid the bills for FFRC! We are caught up---what a great thing. I thank you for making this possible! The cats and kittens say a high five to you all. They even said they'll share their sardines with you, to show their appreciation for your generosity! But....only TWO sardines. (I told them that wasn't really very generous on their part, but that's all they'll part with!). 

Here's the good news for the day--Dove's foot is improving! The swelling continues to go down and the redness is now just pink. We also took out the last of the sutures. We're on our way to recovery! Pania is becoming a bit braver. She now also likes to wander around in the Kitty Campus Room. And she's playing!

As you know, the cats and kittens have had that sneezy virus here. That too is now very minimal. The cats and kittens are eating good, playing lots and doing much better. Cutie is still down a bit. We're syringe feeding her--we want to make sure she's getting enough calories and fluids. 

The weather has still been decent for the Covies. They were out for a run-about on the farmyard on Tuesday. Today, they will get another day out, to stretch their legs and to play. Either later today or tomorrow we will be moving them to Kitty City. It's time. Sounds like cold rain this weekend. 

WE had BOXES last night! For this, we are grateful.
Beth A--100 white poly mailer envelopes and a big box of LOTS of bubble wrap manilla envelopes
Judealee--4 boxes of Fresh Step cat litter
Patty V/Middiemom--10 rolls of 33 gallon trash bags, 2 big bags of Purina One, 18 non scratch sponges, case of Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast Grilled, box of 13 gallon Glad trashbags
Betz--6 more cups for grandkids (to be filled with candy!)
Widdletiger--kitty balls with bells and 2 Kong toys for Pania (she's already playing with them!)
Lucy/lu-little from UK--2 catnip toy sets for Hip Kitties!
Jatcat from CA--pill crusher, 3 envelopes openers and 2 cat claw clippers
Pat M from IL--hand cream for winter rough hands, Kurieg hot cocoa, Cat toy (swat & sway action toy), catnip, Christmas card
Chitchat cat (Lisa, James, Josh, Jamie & Emily) and pets Bear, Cal, Grim, Maggie, Catman--kitty snackers, assorted can food, letter and pictures of fur babies, cat pin. A Kitty Kettle Fun (jar PACKED full of bills that the family put in by giving up something for themselves, to give to FFRC). Such unselfishness! A beautiful letter and a Wal-Mart gift card
Bradley S--lots of containers of 20 lb. cat litter
Mary H from Archbold, a day visitor--snacks, bleach, toilet paper, cat litter, liquid soap, bag of shampoo, soap, etc., shipping tape, 2 packages of wipes, Friskies can food, plastic forks, baby rice cereal, box of AA batteries
Kathleen M from GA--a PayPal donation for FFRC

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmass tree---yes, our upside down tree went up yesterday! It's absolutely beautiful. It came from an anonymous friend! The lights are already on it and it's hanging in the main area. Today we will put the ceramic ornaments on it. We wanted to make sure the cats wouldn't be able to get in the tree before putting the ornaments on it! The ornaments were sent by Phil and have pictures of FFRC cats on them. 

All is well here. The cats and kittens are happy, are warm and toasty, and bellies full! Lots of TLC given freely. What a life! 

The first sprinkling of snow!

Badu and friends.
Badu and friends