Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18

Tuesday, December 18

One week to go till Christmas is here. The cats and especially the kittens are trying so hard to be extra good. Octavia has been extra trying hard--she's been advising all felines to behave and cease all fighting (I'm sure it's because she has a motive, like.....snagging all the incoming food and treats for herself!). But, all is well--and peaceful here. 

JoeBob is feeling great. He's been spinning in circles on the laundry table today, playing with his own tail. Then he was playing and chomping with Coca-Cola's tail on the floor. He's doing cartwheels! So nice to see him feeling good again! Gent is also feeling good. He ate a good breakfast and is now out and about once more. Cutie has been strolling about this morning and ate part of her breakfast. Last night she was seen chowing down on the dry cat food! 

We had another two adoptions yesterday! Canton and Treesa went to their new home together! The family that came (has been here several times recently) decided these were the two for them! I believe Canton and Treesa picked their own humans! It was wonderful.

We just got an update on FiFi this morning. She loves Pat and sits on her neck/shoulder while Pat is crocheting...will stay there for hours at a time! I also heard from Christopher's new owner--all is well and happy there in that household too! I also got a phone call from Cyrilla's family. They send their Christmas greetings to FFRC and said that she is a happy girl.

We had BOXES last night. You all make a difference to FFRC!
Gramma June for Derecho--coil santa hat toy
Diana R from FL--letter and a beautiful Mola handcrafted handbag with kitties on in, from Bogota, Columbia
Autumn & Anna B for Albert Einstein--bag of Avi Cakes!
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too from FL--Bathroom book, another book called If Cats Could Talk, a beautiful book of horses (I love this!) and a Christmas card
Sophie & Lucys dad/Mike from MI--dog snackers, Friskies can, Fancy Feast cans, bunches of cat snackers
Katherine B/Darkcat (one of our moderators)--Christmas card, elf hats for 7 ffrc kids and a special one for Gregg, a beautiful cat windchime, black/white cat salt/pepper shakers and a beautiful plate with "Twinkle" written on it (so sweet)
Amsprinkle--pop tabs for Kellen, 2 bags of One Beyond dry cat food, cat stickers, lemon cookie to eat or hang on tree and a case of Fancy Feast
Gina/catluver14 from OH--donation in lieu of gifts for her brother Carl and friend Vickie, card for FFRC, card for Janet, pathwork tied fleece blanket, can of chicken for the Covies, cans of sardines, kitty print slippers, notepad/ pencils/ return labels with FFRC saying on it!, lots of kitty snackers, Meow Mix cups, 2 packs of Thank you notes
Middiemom--big tin of popcorn from The Popcorn Factory -- extra yum!
MBstarr & Camry & Tazz--Letter to Sheriff Putter, blankie with colorful pawprints, scarf, 2 more wonderful blankiets, silicone spring toys, 3 yeooow catnip bananas (one for Pania), pompoms, kitty thank you notes, 4 kinds of Reeses candy bags, catnip toys, a very beautiful glass kitty blue/green/red/silver figurine
Wendi & Henry and Twinkie, Icabob, Sylvester and puppy Kelly--a letter. For Jacci--a Live Love Meow box with an ebony carved kitty inside. a tin of fudge, 3 kitty toy packs, kitty stocking filled with mice, Hershey Kisses. There was also a box filled with beautiful handmade items for the volunteers to choose from: hot pads, doillies, stockings, coasters, hats, trivets.  Thanks so much!
Joanne H--Hissy Fits (print from Robert Marble "Whimsical Kitties", a book "It's a Cat's Christmas", 3 kitty carriers and poptabs for Kellen
Hummerfan--card for Hannah
From Octavia--Hoops & YoYo card and a "blank" check for pizza party for volunteers!!
Pat L & Sandy from KS--coupons
Melissa W from PA--Christmas card
Patricia H/Maheck & Anita--Singing kitty Christmas card and a donation
Betz from PA--Christmas card with a donation for something fun for the volunteers
Janet D from OH--Christmas card and donation
NYcatluvr--Christmas card
Guti--Christmas card for my mom
Lori, Betsy, Cloe & Binks from Mass--Photo Christmas card
Sonjamac from Canada--stickers for Hannah, Christmas card and a laser light for the kitties from Mr. Squeaks
Anonymous Friend--card for Janet and a really neat wolf t-shirt
Mischelle K from IL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Carl C from NM--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Sabine S--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lori/LewBeth--a Christmas card with her puppy and kitty on it (so cute!)
Sandy M from Defiance--a donation to FFRC

We weighed Jaina yesterday! She has lost 5 ounces! So happy for her. Janet has Jaina in Kitty Kastle and goes out periodically during the day to encourage her to play with different moving toys! It's working! We'll do another weigh-in next week. 

We are hoping (Janet and I) this week, to do some story telling each night after box time or around bedtime for the viewers. Most of these stories originate from Canton's stories. Some are from the very first booklet of stories she made, 2 years ago! The green/red paper chain is mostly still up--it has a few tears, but that's ok! 

The cats in Kitty City are doing great. I love looking out there at night, with their red heat lamps on--looks so cozy and warm! I swear I can hear them purring from outside the building! 

Miler--one of the nicest brown tiger kittens anywhere!