Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve day. A most blessed day. Over the next two days, we have a few volunteers that cannot come because of family obligations, but we have other volunteers that can fill in these slots. We truly have the best volunteers in the whole wide world. 

Over the next day, we will be posting on the webcam chat and the facebook page, a Merry Christmas to many of the different countries as they come into the first minute of their Christmas Day!  Along with the country name, a typical Christmas Greeting will also be included!  We've already started with New Zealand.

Update on Gallant: So, now, this wonderful cat head-butts the front of his pen to get attention! He is simply amazing. His twice daily baths/soaks will continue. He just sits there and let's us do what we need to do. With his soak, a little more burned tissue is coming off. We can see pink tissue under all this! 

We have heard from another past adopted cat. His name is Wiffin, now known as Griffin. Sounds like Griffin is a very happy cat. He even has a screened, glassed inporch to watch the birds and squirrels. Be good boy, Griffin! 

We also took in 5 tiny baby kittens yesterday. We received an e-mail from someone in New Hampshire, OH, about 2 hours away. At the cardboard packaging company she works at, she found 4 tiny kittens under one of the machines. They were thought to be dead at first, as they were cold and wet. On the cold concrete floor there was another wet baby, with the cord still attached. She started rubbing them and warming them up, then decided to take them home with her. She works full time and didn't have the time needed to care for these babies, so a call was made to FFRC. We now have these 5 sweeties. 2 are girls, both tortis and 3 are boys, all black/white with such cute face markings. They were born 12/12/12. Thanks to this lady for taking such good care of this litter. There has been no mommy to be found. But, the company has set a trap in hopes of catching her and getting her spayed. These babies are eating about every 3 hours, around the clock. Names will be given today. 

We had a BOX last night! It was from OneCraftyOne who sent a few really fun toys for Jaina and the rest of the cats. Thanks bunches! 
We also received these Paypals:
Philip P from NJ--a donation made in memory of his mom, who passed away 25 years ago. 
Heidi D--thanks for sharing your 2 Christmas poems with us about FFRC and Putter
Deborah N from NH--a donation to FFRC for the 5 new babies and for Gallant
Erin S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
WAM from UK--a donation to help Gallant have a speedy recovery and for FFRC cats

Last night, Janet and I continued to read stories about FFRC cats, Christmas poems and other cat related stories. Tonight, for Christmas Eve, we have a special story to read--it is Canton's very first booklet that she made for FFRC. We will begin as usual at 6:00 on the cam. 

Derecho and friend playing.