Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, December 11

The definition of a friend: FFRC's circle of people that surround this organization, which includes family, volunteers, personal friends, lurkers, chatters, mods, admins and all supporters. Please know how appreciative I am of each and every one of you. .I would like to extend an extra thanks to my family. They mean the world to me and I know they love me and stand by what I do here at FFRC.

This organization is based on truth, God's love and being open to the needs of others--animals and humans alike. Someone asked me about the cam here in the rescue center, if it isn't taxing to be "on" all the time. The answer to that is NO. The reason? Because, what you see on the cam, is what and who we are. We lead our ordinary lives, just as we are, in view of all. We're not rehearased, so there's no "practicing". We are who we are, just as you see. We are ordinary people doing what we love. Honesty because that's how we live our lives. Passion because that's what we have for what we are doing. Compassion because that's been instilled us by our elders. We are as you see us.

Our visitors, Laura and her mom Belinda made it home safely yesterday. They live in Indiana. We also had another visitor yesterday--Jenny from nearby Wauseon.We enjoy having people come and visit!

We had an adoption yesterday! Frith went to his new home. I've already heard from his new mama--she says this is for sure his forever home! She loves him and it sounds like Frith has adjusted quickly. We also have several other cats on hold. Rudy (will be leaving Friday about 4:30), Graciela (will be leaving in the spring), FiFi will be leaving 12/21, and Penn and Teller who will be leaving 1/17.

We had BOXES last night. Your support is so important to us. The cats are cheering for you!
Littlefrank1 from Canada--cards for volunteers, gifts for ffrckids, 6 notepads
Cyndi N--case of Mornng Fancy Feast, 2 cases of kitten Fancy Feast, case of appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and a bag of Canin kitten dry food
Carol/CN1919--rock with two kitties painted on it--a "pet rock"--I love it!
James & Joanne D & kitties Oliver, Aidin, Ely, Dylan and Jack--Kong catnip toy, Kitty Cuddle Pal for Putter, white thick rug, large white cat bed case of Fancy Feast
Bradley S from WA--4/20 pound buckets of TIdy Cat Litter
Patty/Middiemom--2 boxes of Mr. Clean Dry Erasers, 4 cases of Fancy Feast--Medleys/Fish & Shrimp, Grilled & Gravy Lovers
Laura/Medic--case of Fancy Feast & gift card for Pet Supply Plus
Jennifer/Jacksmom21--3  buckets of CatLitter
Anna B--CatLitter--we picked it up at WalMart!
Leggygall--CatLitter--another WalMart pick up!
Sonnycat--2 boxes of CatLitter
Amy D son Jaden from PA and kitties Gizmo, Stripe & Storm from PA--5 tubes Avon foot works for dry hands, Star Ornaments for each volunteer, 4 chocolate PB bars from PA, Calico Cat Clay necklace for Jacci, canned chicken and tuna, paper clips, pencils, copy paper, paper tablets, filler paper, folders
HollyW from MI--card, donation, Santa Hat kitty bed, Tigers Santa hat for Steve, Santa Pants tunnel, kitty feather toys, scratching post, a cute cat plaque, kitty mug for Jacci, gift for Connie & Damian, 7 bags of kitty snackers, case of WHiskas, case of Friskies and a bag of doggie snackers
Bev M from WA--500 points ofpaw points, gray poof with Paw Prints and 3 super soft fleece blankies
Roger  & Trudy S from AZ and kitties Muldoon and Wilella--Donation, Christmas card and picture of kitties!
Peggy K/bamagirl from AL--Christmas card with donatin and a sheet of stamps
Andrea A from OH--GUide Dog Christmas card
Dorothy Y from CA--Christmas card
Lovebugs 321 & Bentley from VA--Christmas card with donation and a Christmas card with all the volunteer's names on it!
Marcia S and 4 kitties from AL--Christmas card with donation
Jeanie K from MN and cats Kalli, Toby & Grace--Christmas card and donation
Francis T from TX--Christmas card and doantion
Nancy L/peekabookitty from MA--Christmas card and donation, sheet of stamps
Steve & Diane and Tio from MI--Christmas card and stamps
Jenny (day visitor)--cat treats, volunteer treats, copy paper, dry cat food, q-tips, plates, windex, litter, can tuna and trash bags
Brad B from KY--PayPal donation for FFRC
Linda K from WY--PayPal donation for FFRC

Dove's foot is better this morning! The redness and swelling is less today! On to the healing phase. So happy. Pania is becoming braver too--she actually came out and shared a breakfast with others. Our newbie Gent has made friends with everyone! We had a little bit of a snow dusting this morning. So pretty. Happy birthday to Mayor Anony.

Betz--soooo comfortable!