Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday, December 22

We had another adoption yesterday! Our sweet Keena went to her new home. Her new mama is a young lady, still in high school. She has a big heart with lots of love to give to Keena! I've heard from Serephina's dad and all is well. She enjoys sitting on his lap by the hours, watching TV with him! I've also heard again in regards to Liberty and Gib. Gib is having a blast running and playing big time with Liberty, who is joining in the fun. Liberty's potty problems are about 75% better! A couple more days should finish up her loose stool problem! 

We took in another new kitten yesterday. Her name is Sylvia. She is 16 weeks old and was found all by herself. Sylvia is a beautiful silver/grey tiger kitten. Her name comes from one of the Catathon names given. She is friendly, sweet, but oh so tired. She is either eating or completely soundly sleeping. She just appears to be exhausted. So, we are letting her catch up on her sleep. She loves the heater pad. 

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks given to you.
Our special friend, Hannah and her family--picture made by Hannah on her computer (kitty cookie and the FFRC upside down tree!). A wrapped gift for "all the cats" in a tote bag containing 6 Mega bags of kitty snackers
Lucytoons/Lucy O--container of Bonito flakes, card for volunteers, stickers and card for Hannah, Christmas cards for Steve/Jacci, Janet, Covies, Derecho, Resients and kities waiting to be adopted
Middiemom--4 giant containers of Clorox wipes
Jeannette B from TN and her fur Haven babies--Christmas card with note, 2 bags of Bubble Gum, snackers for the volunteers, Einie snacker, 2 bags of dog snackers, 2 boxes of Candy Canes, 2 bottles of Holly berry wreath Hand soap, 2 boxes of Chocolate covered blueberries.  For Jacci: postie notes/notepads, wood box with saying "All you need is love...and a cat", kitty socks, Reeses PB cups, milk bubble bath.  For Janet: oatmeal, breakfast breads, Smuckers Strawberry Preserves, kiwi fruit, goo goo clusters, apple/tangerine/chestnuts
Rosemary/cliocat from UK--Christmas card and donation, lots of info on Rastie Rescue Center where her daughter works at
Bonnie P--Christmas gift cards from Walmart
Janet K--a beautiful painting that Janet did on canvas of our Twinkle--it's absolutely stunning
Neil and Annamarie and kitties--Christmas card, million dollar bills candy bars for grandkids and Damian and Livy, Bonito flakes, Russell Stover chocolates for each volunteers, short bread cookies (very very good!)
Glennette M from CA--Christmas card and 3 books of stamps, paper plates, 3 bags of snackers, 8 cans of Friskies, case of kitty food pouches
Elizabeth A/widdletigger from MD--Christmas card with kids' pictures, toys for kitties, Kitty City, Porchies and Center kitties, 3 catnip bananas, 3 containers of catnip, 16 mega bags of Temptation treats & Party mix, 20 Fancy Feast Appetizers
Deb11111--12 bottles of Clorox glass and surface spray
Jana and Oban (visitor)--kitty toys, plates, food, blankies and snackers

Many thanks too for the PayPal donations!
Erin M from PA--in honor of Cantoncat and Chance
Lee L/leefromoz from Australia--donation to help with Gallant
Eileen M from CA--donation to help with Gallant
Melinda F from NC--donation for FFRC
Crystal C from KY--to help with Gallant
Kate and husband Patrick  E and friend Patricia T from UK--to help with Gallant and all of FFRC
Margaret H from NC--to help with Gallant
Jennifer S from MA--to help with Gallant
Vaunita S from PA & Schinn81--a donation for all the cats at FFRC
Vaunita S from PA, in honor of her friend Toni D/vrs1cats--donation for FFRC
Sharee D from AZ--donation to help with Gallant
Lori N and her girl kitties Mindy and Lacey from NE--donation for FFRC
Alice/twocatsfromNJ & Lou D--donation to help with Gallant
Anna Marie & Neil from MO--donation for Gallant
Sheila H from Alberta--donation for FFRC, use where needed
Deb B from GA--donation to help with Gallant
Becky M from Defiance--donation to help with Gallant

Update on Gallant: What a great eater he is. Because of the burns, we want to keep his protein consumption and liquid consumption up. So, three times yesterday Gallant got a jar of baby food, with water mixed in it. He gobbled it right up! He received two scrubbing baths yesterday, with no sedation, but with pain meds on board. What a brave trooper he is. He sits there with his entire rump in the tub, while a volunteer rubs his face and neck. His burned area gets a light scrubbing. He receives his antibiotics twice daily. He's so sweet. Gallant is a purr boy who is thoroughly enjoying all the attention we give him. Parts of his burns are starting to slough off. 
I have a thought about Gallant. His eyes are foggy, like an older cat, but yet, his cheek pouches are small. On my first look at him, I thought he was unneutered because of the size of his scrotum. If so, because his cheek pouches are small, he couldn't be a full adult (unneutered adults have big cheek pads and their urine smells very strong). Well, Gallant has small cheek pads and his urine does not smell. So, I'm led to think that maybe he is not a youngster after all. His scrotum may indeed be swollen from his injuries, not because of testicles. So, it's a mystery, and time will tell. We will have to wait for his burns to heal before knowing this part of the story. In the meantime, we will keep on treating these awful burns and giving him lots of TLC. 

Dolan says: "Don't tell on me, but I just snitched a cookie!"