Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, December 27

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had snow yesterday! Not alot, maybe 2 inches, but there's a little ice hanging with the snow. The Covies are all snug in their Kitty City and the Porchies are thoroughly enjoying their heated beds! The Barnies also have a heat lamp which they love.

I've heard back from the family that adopted Coca-Cola and Audrey. They and the other 2 cats are becoming friends and enjoying TV time with their owners. They are already part of their family. Liberty and Gib's family also sent Christmas greetings--all is well there.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all.
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--3 cases of Fancy Feast can food (2 gravy lovers and 1 cheddar)
Linda S/mls9690--misc. variety of canned cat foods including 2 cans of A/D and 2 of K/D & 12 jars of baby food
CherylAnn275 from WA--Photo Christmas card of Jim "Santa" and Cheryl, Christmas cards for volunteers, blank thank you cards with Ada Jane, Zelda, Cutie, BOndi, Magenta & Emaline on the front, Christmas ornaments, pin with 3 snowmen with bells, Book (3 in 1 collelction), 2 lb bag of Almond Roca and a sign that says: May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all the year through. Thanks, Cheryl!
Lizmol from MI and her kitties Ginny & Ariel--coupons, Gift for Janak (almond roca), 2 pkgs of snackers, baby food, Fancy Feast, can of Salmon, Oatmeal (!), twinkle ball for turbo track, jingle balls for Pania, treat bar for Einie, lots of volunteer snac ks, dog snackers, Frango's candy cane CHocolate, Starbucks single serve packets and 4 boxes of Keurig Drinks
Bev M for Bella--2 big fluffy soft pink Marshmellow Poofs (Bella was right on in in seconds!!)
Eaglespirit--card made with a beautiful collage of the resident cats
Paula S from Defiance--Chief receipt tapes
Brenda S from Defiance--Donation from sale of kitty toys she made
Cassie, Patch, Kiddums  and  Adrian/Aidie & Malcolm--Christmas and New Years card for everyone! The volunteers were each listed.
Rita F/WISCcatmomof4 and her kitties Sparky, Cecelia, Johnny & Lulu--Christmas card with pictures of furbabies, donation in loving memory of Frankie Marie   Picture of Rudi (sister's dog) and Lulu (persian cat) with Santa
Joan Y & Richard S from Maryland--Christmas card and donation for FFRC in remembrance of all their pets that have passed on
Ellen E--PayPal donation to FFRC
SG/fossilcat--PayPal donation to FFRC
Amy S from OH--PayPal donation to FFRC
Joann P--PayPal donation to FFRC
Joseph C--PayPal donation to FFRC
Paula K--PayPal donation to FFRC
Joseph V--PayPal donation to FFRC
James P--PayPal donation to FFRC
Debbie S--Paypal donation to FFRC
Lawrence G--Paypal donation to FFRC

Also a big thanks to Two Loons Jewelry Company--for each FFRC pendant they sell, they donate $10 and someone purchased a Derecho pendant!

We have our weekly PetFinder report. We had 2,413 total pet views. The top 13 cats that were viewed were: Badu, Audrey, Liberty, Coca-Cola, Weber, Boulder, Gib, Pants, Engelina, Canton, Nemo, Treesa and Ocavia.

The little kittens are doing good. Unfortunately, we did lose one of them. Little Trooper passed away from one feeding, to the next. I'm not sure why, but we will miss him. The four remaining ones (Splash, Kissmas, Purcell and Doce) are getting little tummies. They sure can meow loud when they are hungry. They are still getting a middle of the night feeding.

Gallant is doing well. He's still getting his soak/scrub baths and several ointment applications daily. Very very slowly, the dead skin tissue is being removed. When we clean his pen, he is allowed to walk about on the floor. It's very obvious that the worse burned side is painful to walk on, but he goes slow and has investigated the room.

Starting the first of 2013, we need to re-emphasis the facebook Chatter's policy. "This is not the forum for solicitation of donations to private parties or to other organizations. This group is for FFRC". This means that as of Jan. 1, we would appreciate no posts soliciting donations to other organizations. Also we are asking people that if you are posting pictures on the FFRC's fb chatter's page, to only post 2 pictures daily. The site is getting absolutely flooded daily with pictures. But, we still want to see them! You can put your pictures in your Flickr account and then share your Flickr site with us! Thank you. I hope everyone understands the need for this.

Our sweet Bondi on her desk.