Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weds., December 5

Oh, very happy and grateful day! Our fundraiser continues. We'll do a final wrap up on Sunday night! Each night, after boxes, we'll give the latest update! Last night was awesome! Monday night the total was $3,226. Tuesday night the total was $5,967!! Last night we talked about what some of our expenses are. The total incoming cost of each and every cat is now at $350. Our "package deal" for each cat includes: 3 wormings, 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, 2 leukemia/FIV tests, a vet physical, their spay or neuter, flea prevention. Also their ears are checked for ear mites. Throughout the time they are here, they continue to receive monthly flea preventions and continued care of anything medical they need. Thank you for every single penny that we have received! How exciting!

We did just a few envelope openings last night, since Steve & I went to the movies:
The Ethington household--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC
June K/painteddaisy--a thank you card, milk rings, 2 WalMart gift cards and a donation for FFRC
cjcat/Carolyn--Christmas card with a donation in memory of Twinkle
PeppiLaPew/Gail J from CA--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC
Peggy & Bernie G from NY--a Christmas card & letter with a donation for FFRC. Also a picture of Halo, their cat watching our webcam on the iPad!

Since I feel it's important to keep you all up to date on our kitties and cats, yes, we do have a sneezing virus that has arrived. The cats generally don't feel bad with this virus, but it's very annoying for them. I believe we're probably about 75% over it and each day is better. It's like a kid in a kindergarten class, you go in, sneeze at everyone, and presto, we have a cold that goes around. We'll get this under control--mostly by increased cleaning, good food and care. They will recover! The good thing is, their immune systems will have been boostered from it! 

Our sweet Dove girl is having a bit of trouble with her paw. It is infected and was quite swollen yesterday. After talking to our vet, it was decided to change one of her 2 antibiotics for a different one. We are also now soaking it 1-2 times a day with a different disinfectant solution. Dove is so patient with us--you can tell it bothers her, but she doesn't fuss too much with all the treatments. Today, it truly does look a tiny bit better! Keep those prayers coming for sweet Dove. 

We had our weekly PetFinder update. We had 2,000 total views last week. The top 12 cats that were looked at were: Badu (again!), Coca-Cola, Audrey, Galway, Rudy, Christopher, Engelina, Weber, Octavia, Zelda, Boulder and Graciela. 

I'd like to give you an update on our Gossamer and Kiwi. Uncle Eric's sister did indeed adopt both of them together! What wonderful news! She took them home about a week ago, and I've now heard back from her. Both cats are exploring the house. Gossamer depends on Kiwi. Gossamer is still very skittish, but will come up and sleep on the bed at night with her! She'll be visiting her brother again at Christmas and will be bringing them both back with her while she's here.Good news!

We took in a new kitten a couple days, but just yesterday was able to do the FIV/leukemia test. It was negative! He's about 12 weeks old, long hair black/white and looks like Magenta, so we named him Gent. He's a lovebug--just can't get enough loving. 

Farrah had a bit of an incident this morning. At breakfast, she suddenly jumped down from the counter, went into the Kitty Campus Room, and had a very short seizure. Normally, her seizures last 2-3 minutes, but not this one. It was very short. She simply fell over, seized, got up and sat there looking around, a bit dazed. After the usual one half hour in a pen, she was just fine. I'll talk to the vet about this, but undoubtedly, her meds won't be changed for this one episode. 

Graciela and Janie. Graci loves dogs and jumps into the dog's room all by herself to take naps with the 2 dogs. The dogs love her also.