Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday, December 23

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Day! The kitties stockings are hung on the pen doors and I've been hearing a lot of talking among the cats--telling those whippersnapper kittens they must behave so Santa will come by. They heard there's a special breakfast of Turducken IF all felines behave! Lots of good behavior promises are being made!

Our new kitten Sylvia is doing good. Such a loverbug. She's still sleeping alot, but wakes easily to be held. A couple more days and we should have her here in the main rescue center area. She's very pretty. Pania was playing a lot yesterday--saw her with her noisy balls in the hallway again. Engelina is here on the desk with me--she seems to be placing that front left leg of hers a bit better these last few days. What a gentle girl she is--loves to be petted. Her softness is incredible.

We had two more adoptions yesterday! Our wonderful Rudy went to his new home with Shelley H and family. I do believe he will fit right in and be a happy boy. I'm sure we'll be seeing pictures of him on facebook. Our sweet Pants also found a home. A young man came in looking for a kitten for his wife for Christmas. She so wanted a gold tiger with white feet that was very loving. Pants fit the bill.He actually picked the man and fell asleep in his arms! So sweet.

We had BOXES last night and lots of envelopes too. Thank you ever so much for these gifts.
Kellysong--Proplan Kitten dry food
Sandra E--case of Fancy Feast Chicken grilled, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp and case of Fancy Feast kitten can
Bradley S from WA--2 homemade loaves of Hutzell bread (fruit/nut)  Already tried it and it is delicious!
NYKatz/Ellyn & Billy and cats Bubba and Socks--Christmas card and donation and tin of Russel Stover Chocolates in a kitty tin
Phyllis B from MI--coupons and a card for my mom
Jim & Kathy T from MO :(Emaline's sponsor family)--Christmas card and a note and donation for Emaline
Debra M/Debbiedear from CA--Christmas card and pictures of her kitties Princess Emerald, Tigger, Buddy and Happy and a donation for FFRC
Janet S from IA--Christmas cards and a donation for FFRC. Also pictures of her kitties Toby and Harley
Ellis & Barb I from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Barbara B/frenchsilk from NY--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC
Mbstarr and kitties Taz and Camry from VA--Christmas card
Kimkost/Kim K from MI--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC, picture of their visit here at FFRC on 11/16 and a card for Janet
Linda & Peter B from NY and kitties Beony and Butterbur/Butterscotch--Christmas card and a picture of their FFRC cats and a donation
Annette B from NC and kitties Flynn, Elsie and Lucky--Christmas card and donation to Feliz Navidad fund
Paul & Jeannine S from NY--Christmas card and a donation to FFRC
Allan C from UT--donation to FFRC
Susanne B from CA--Christmas card and a donation to FFRC
MaryCat/MM_cat--from Poland--Christmas card and card for Hannah
Gramma June from MA--Christmas card
Susan/Schinn from ME and kitties Cleo & Ralph--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC and pictures of Cleo and Ralph
Marilyn/Madisonpepper & Charlie from NJ and kitties Serena, Madison, Pepper, Christmas & Michael--Christmas card
Audrey & Jackie G from GA--Christmas card
Kismet/Lois S--Christmas cards
Leine--Christmas card
Patricia D from TX--Paypal donation for FFRC
Barbara C from GA--Paypal donation for FFRC
Sharon Z from AZ--Paypal donation for FFRC
Kevin M--Paypal donation for FFRC
Gusti--Paypal donation in honor of Linda/Gossamer for taking videos

Please forgive me if I don't have all the information right--if you'd like to send any corrections to my e-mail ( that would be fine!

Update on Gallant: This cat amazes me. His patience is huge, his heart is big and his tolerance to his treatments is amazing.After talking to the vets again yesterday, it was decided to add a second antibiotic to his daily treatments. We continue to soak/softly scrub his burns twice daily. This is followed by a slathering of burn ointment 3-4 times daily. Today when he had his bath, the big ugly black section is starting to loosen up. This is a good sign. Each day, the dead tissue will be clipped away. I could see a little pink tissue under this area! The scrotal area is still very swollen and sore, but time will help with this as well. He has definitely earned his name of Gallant.

Today is my family's Christmas day!

Derecho and me sharing a matching jammie-time!