Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday, December 16

We had a glorious day yesterday! FOUR adoptions and each and every one of them was awesome. First, Shirley and Purrdue went to their new home together. I've already heard from them and it sounds like things are going great. Lots of exploring and relaxing by both cats. Both Shirley and Purrdue were born here (to different mamas).

Then, Christopher went to his new home. He has a new Dad that loves him already. Sounds like this is a perfect match! Then, right before boxes, we had another one! This wonderful man arrived and he loved ALL the cats, but Nemo checked him out and put her paw on him and she became his. What a great day. There's still a few more adoptions coming up!

Badu spent the night in the house last night--tricky little girl that she is! But, she's back out and actually sleeping in her usual pose right now--arms hanging waaaay over the edge of her bed! Dennison is sleeping below her. I'm telling you, that boy is one handsome, big fella. And he's so sweet. Then Asha is sleeping under Dennison--yes, we have a staircase going on here. Asha is one happy girl--always ready for a good grooming. This is the highlight of each day for her!

Bondi is doing good. I had to laugh at her this morning. She hopped down from her heated bed and went over to get a bite of food. When she came back, Zavatar was in her bed. She stood up on her hind feet, put her front paw on the chair and used her other paw to bat, bat, bat Zavie in the face. He got down, she hopped up and all is fine in Bondi's world again. I had to give Zavatar a special chin scratch for letting her have her bed back.

We had BOXES last night. I thank you all for your generosity.
Anna B and Autumn--Detroit Lions mug for Steve (he even came out and got it last night!!) Box of Quaker Chewies for the volunteers and a case of tuna for the cat's extra treats
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies Meaty Bits
Sonnycat--40 pounds of scoopable litter
Middiemom/Patti V--big bag of Purina One Kitty, BIG case of Bounty paper towels, 8 containers of kitty face wipes
Julie P & Sophie--for Pania--big jingle balls and for her friends a bucket full of lattice balls
Christy H--"For Sevaun to overcome her mayoral loss"--7 mega bags of cat snackers!, 3 packs of Lysol wipes, case of Fancy Feast, 2 big bags of Purina One
Linda S/MLF from PA--kitty Christmas card, gift bags, tissue paper and wrap and a donation to FFRC
Alex P from Canada--kitty pins for the Volunteers and a card for them
Nancy G/Kerswill--big bag of Purina One dry cat food
Anonymous Friend--donation for FFRC and a nice letter, beautiful super soft black/white blankie, bag of shells from Texas, Tea, French Vanilla, Apple Cider, Coffee Chocolate Mate, tape and refills, postie notes, stickers, lots of sharpies, pipe cleaners (cats love these), giant mylar ball, electric bird sound toy,extra yummy peppermint bark candy, chocolate from Holland, Godiva Caramel Choco bar,  big rat cat toy, bunches of cool cat toys, cute garden flag.  Einie: seed/fruit bars, blocks and plastic house toy. Janie & Cammie--2 squeaker toys. For kitties: pom pom balls, personalized stockings for residents. Jammies for Jacci, blue and purple rugs and a big white crate pad bed.  Thanks so much!
Dave M--a beautiful, very colorful handmade afghan. We have something going on with this--more later in January!
Patricia Y from MI--Christmas card and donation
Vickie & Carlene and Wisckars--a really neat photoshopped Christmas card!
Gloria & Wyatt (her grandson) and furbabies Midnight, Girlie and Peachy from PA--Christmas card and donation and card for volunteers
John & Pat K from GA--Christmas card and donation in honor of Liz H in NC
Judy R from FL--Christmas card, donation and 3 sheets of stamps
Bantry (one of our mods)--Christmas card
Bev G--a Christmas card
Donna & Robert C from FL and furbabies Cassie Cat and Ms Marnie--Christmas card and donation
Diane P/RedRobin from TX--Christmas card and donation
MVCat (Ohio) (adopted Frith!)--card and donation for a new microwave (to help when we have surgeries)
Kelly R in CA--Panda card and a donation
Joyce D & family--Family Christmas card and donation
Jacksmom--a big box of scoopable litter
Bradley S--lots of scoopable litter
Tae--a young visitor--paper towels and a cat Santa sack--extra thanks, Tae!

I've been asked several times recently about how to get into our FFRC's Chatters facebook page. We welcome you! I know it seems a little weird, because it's a "secret" page, but trust me, when I say we have reasons to do this. But, on the same note, we want you to come aboard! If you want to join, you need to have a "friend" that's already on the chatter's fb page. That "friend" will add you to the page, but it still has to be approved by one of the page's admins. If you do not have a "friend" already on the site, ask a moderator to "friend" you to the chatter's site. That's it! If you have trouble, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Here's a little tidbit about me that I'd love to share! People sometimes ask me why I insist on doing so many thank yous. The answer is common courtesy. YOU have honored FFRC and me by your donation and support and I feel very strongly the need to show my appreciation to YOU by a thank you. I know sometimes I might mess up and miss sending out something, and for that I am sorry. I have been taught by my mom and dad at a young age to always send proper thank yous. So, I do these thank yous to show my gratitude and am honoring my mom and dad at the same time.

We will have BOXES tonight again--we're slowly catching up. And we'll have a stack of envelopes too to open tonight. We also have something kinda cool to show you--it's red and green! 

Telo--always the nosy boy--wanting to see what's on the other side of the door!