Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, December 4

Oh, happy day! Our fundraiser for the General Fund is off to a  fantastic and awesome start! Each night at boxes, I'll get the latest PayPal update after the boxes are done. Any checks that arrive will also be added in at that time too. Last night, being the first night, was wonderful! We had $3,226 already deposited to the General Fund. I had to run out later and tell Mayor Anony and the Covies this great news. Even the inside cats were thrilled. There was a rumor going around that their specialty foods were going to be cut back, but then a whole bunch of tuna arrived, so no worries! They were also worried that their tails might be stepped on. I guess there was a rumor going around the inside cats that the electric bill was quite high and if we didn't pay it, then flashlights would be used. They instantly remembered that week of the Derecho Storm, when we had no electricity for a whole week. No fun and unfortunately, a few tails were stepped on in the dark. I have suspicions that Magenta started that rumor. She's tiny, but she's might and those young cats listen to her!I told them all to chill out--we would not let that happen. Oh, these cats--sometimes I think they like to be drama-cats!

We had boxes last night. We are ever so very grateful for these gifts!
MBStarr, Taz & Camry--Santa Pants tunnel, Peek-a-boo toy box, gallon of soft soap antibacterial and 5 dry liquid eraser bottles
CJ--box for Hannah (we'll send Hannah's things all at once, closer to Christmas)
Tanya B for Octavia and friends--Chinet paper plates (Octavia likes to be pampered to!)
Rebecca & WIllow from UK--cute kitty card, Christmas card to volunteers, Individual cat ear, eye wipes for adoption bags, lots of  Bondi Licks, kitty band aids, dog snackers, tea bag holder, postcards from wonderful places, bottle of Broken Hills minerals, feather toys for Derecho and a beautiful Peacock Ore rock
Deb11111--2 cases of Tuna, case of Friskies Pate, 2 cases of Gravy Sensations
Ann D & Dorrie Lynn and Dave--beautiful blue tin of Harry London Gourmet Chocolates for the volunteers
Madisonpepper--8 cases of Appetizers

We had a wonderful adoption yesterday. A gentleman came in that needed a cat to share his life, as he recently lost his oldster. We showed him several cats, when Zora came down from a shelf, got on his shoulder, then into his lap and never left it. She was in heaven, purring and kneading on him. He was thrilled and so, adopted her. Very happy for him and Zora.

Today is a bandage changing day for Dove. We've removed the old dressings, soaked her foot, cleaned it, given her the required antibiotics and soreness meds. Her foot is a bit swollen which causes some concern. I've already called the vet to see if she thinks we need to change any of her treatments. So......we shall see.

Today is also going to be a big toenail trim day. Bring them all on--we're ready for a big clipping party! Judy S and Janet will be helping with this project. We will also be grooming the feet of both Paddys and Putter and their big fur bib. Sometimes their bib gets so long, it's hard for them to groom it. 

Steve and I will be going to movies tonight, but when we return, I'll get the update right away from the PayPal account, check the mail and give you all an update on our General Fund Fundraiser. Can't wait!

Oh no, Pants has discovered the house. He's been inside already 4 times this morning. He and my Sherry and Zeke are zipping around like they have 8 legs instead of 4. We keep getting him, petting him and putting him out. Putter is starting to scowl at him. 

Derecho, GIb and Graciela have been playing big time with the new feather toys. They are very determined to get those feathers off, but haven't succeeded yet. 

This is Jaina, inside Mike's guitar case when she was visiting with him in Kitty Kastle!