Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, Saturday

We had another adoption yesterday! Our little Gent went to his new home. Oh what a cute, sweet boy he is! He is probably thoroughly spoiled already! Just what we want.

Yesterday was a good day for Gallant. After his morning scrub bath, then it was time to trim some of the dead tissue off (we do this daily). This time, we were able to remove a lot of it! This is where the healing begins. Under that icky dead tissue is healthy looking pink tissue. He is still on 2 different antibiotics and 2 different pain meds a day. He loves his ears to be rubbed.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Sandra S--A snuggle mama kitty, to be used with baby kittens. It's a stuffed toy, that can have a 24 hour heater in it with a beating heart.
Brenda C--3 books.  Cats Laughing Last, Cat Spitting Mad & Cat to the Dogs. These are suppose to be wonderful books. Many of us love to read here and we share books back and forth all the time.
PhilipCleoNJ/Phil--a big 5 lb bag of KMR powder
ArdenCharmaine B--a case of Gerber Chicken baby food jars
Cher F--Christmas card, q-tips, 3 liquid Dial soap, cat snackers, volunteer snacks, big bag of Almonds, 6 cliff bars, Bonito flakes for the cats (Octavia promises to share), a variety of lots of Keurig samplers and creamers, Cat Appetizers and a case of Purrfectly Chicken
Anonymous Sender--2 cases of baby food
WarpedinMN/Connie S--2 twenty pound bags of IAMS kitty dry food
Wendi B--2 packages of posties, 1 bag of disposable pads (helps with little kitties and Gallant)
Bev M--5 cases of baby food jars
Cheryl G from TN--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

I have more sad news to pass on about the newbie little kittens. We lost another one--little Splash. The 3 kittens that we have lost, have simply stopped eating and become very quiet. When that happens, they go downhill very quickly. We still have Doce and Purcell left. I'm not sure what the outcome of all this will be, but I do know one thing. I am still glad this kitty litter came to us. Even if we can outweigh some of their hard beginning with love, full tummy and holdings, we'll do it. My first thought last night when I realized that Splash was not well, was I wished I had not shown these babies to the cam. It's hard for me to pass on sad news to all of you. But, on the other hand, this is a RESCUE CENTER. It's what we do here. No one ever promised that all would be rosey every day. Death is a part of life. That we know. So, if we can help those in their passing, to know a bit of love, then we have done our part. And if by showing these kitties to you cammers, and we receive your prayerful support, that helps us very much too. Our promise to each incoming cat is that we will do our best to take care of them medically, and fulfill their TLC part too. We won't shut the door because they may be in the high-death risk category. Thank you for your understanding.

I'd like to point out something also about baby kitties. I noticed that someone had said kitties should only be fed on their tummies--that we should not hold them upright to feed. Please believe me when I say, I have fed many many hundreds of kitties and we know that there are indeed many positions to hold them where they won't aspirate their formula. Have you ever watched a baby kittien nursing? Yes, many times they are on their tummies, towards the floor. OR sometimes they are on their sides, OR sometimes on top of mama, still nursing, OR sometimes on their back with their feet in the air. If they have a "good suck" that  means they are swallowing properly. We know how to not let them aspirate their formula. Trust me!

We got more snow last night--maybe 2 inches more. Enough that the snowplow guy came and plowed the driveway. We have a BIG pile of snow across the road from the driveway. It's so funny to watch Azar and Whiskers in the snow. Both boys bat around the snowballs with their paws. Whiskers actually was jumping in the air trying to catch the snowflakes!

Big boy Obadiah has been grooming Pushkins and Pushkiss yesterday---alot! All 3 were snuggled in the new giant red marshmallow bed. So cute. Jaina is now back in the Rescue Center from her visit in Kitty Kastle. We weighed her yesterday and all totaled, she lost 7 ounces during her 3 week visit. That's really good. Now, we need to continue to exercise her more and to help her lose a little bit more.

Holidays mean a hambone for the cats--oh, how they love their hambones! Derecho sure is enjoying it!