Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, December 28

Today is the day that Janet/Janak who has been visiting with us for 3 weeks, will go to Val's house for a little over a week. She and Val and their 6 cats (5 are Val's and 1 is Janets) will be back on Monday, Jan. 7 and stay until Jan. 13. At that time, Val will take Janet to Detroit airport to make her way back to New Zealand. But, we will still have another week with her!

Unfortunately we lost another little baby---Kissmas. I'm sorry to tell you this sad news. We always ask the big question, of WHY. But, we don't always know. I wish these things never would happen, but they do. So, we carry on, love and feed these remaining babies and hopefully they will survive. Purcell, Doce and Splash are doing good and sure know how to make a rightful fuss when they are hungry!

We had BOXES last night! Fun and wonderful to receive these gifts.
Debra N--a dozen baby food jars (Bella promises to share these with all the ones that really need this food!)
Eaglewatcher46/Beth A--return address labels with Derecho's picture on it (love this!)
Deb11111--5 bottles of Dawn liquid soap, a case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of Fancy Feast Pate and lots of 6 inch white paper plates
Middiemom04--about 20 awesome rugs--we will put these to good use!
Stinkypeep/Mimi--Christmas card, 6 beautiful handmade colorful bird toys, bag of Poptabs for Kellen, an Einie snack, big stocking of dog treats, a beautiful cat food tray with 2 bowls (we gave to Bondi) and handmade wreath pins for the volunteers
Rita & Jim S--Christmas card with donation
Sam H family in WI--card with pics of Alfie/Avens and cat family (we love getting pics from our FFRC cats)
Rosesf6cats--card for Janet
Brooke B from OH--PayPal donation to FFRC
Bonny H from CA--PayPal donation to FFRC
Jim R from VA--PayPal donation to FFRC
Kevincstms--PayPal donation to FFRC

Gallant is doing great. Each day we get a little, very little dead tissue off of his wounds. This is definitely a long-term healing process, but we're gonna do it! He's such a wonderful boy.

Little Sylvia is doing super. She's out and about and becoming use to the other cats. At first, she wasn't sure what those other 4 legged "things" were, but she's starting to play. Yesterday, she would lay on a furniture shelf and bat at all the cats under her or going by her. This morning, she's joining in a little in the play time.

Right now, there are 7 cats on the red shelf, watching the birds outside. They love to chirp and stare at all the action outside the window! The birds are feeding heavily. We even love to watch them!

The Covies in Kitty City are doing wonderful! They're warm and happy--no wind, no snow or rain to bother them. It's amazing, how in the colder weather, they become such good friends and like to snuggle together. They sure love their heat lamps and beds too.

The front office cats are so interesting. Bondi of course, loves her heated bed, as does Big Al. Zavatar loves his dripping sink and Azar just loves to have people rub his ears as we go in and out. A wonderful group of kitty-friends for our Welcome Room Office cats.

Graciela--what a pretty girl she is.

Raza--another beauty girl