Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday, December 9

Oh--what a tremendously happy evening we had! We have new totals for our General Fundraising Event. It's truly astounding to me. This week it will be a joy and a blessing to sit down and pay those FFRC bills!
Here's our totals so far:
12/3      $3,226
12/4      $5,967
12/5      $7,624
12/6      $8,644
12/7    $11,540
12/8    $13,243  Check that out! It's truly wonderful! Many, many thanks!
Remember, tonight is our grand total. We won't have any boxes to open, since no delivery of boxes on Sunday, but I'll give you an update on the catshow and the total for our Fundraiser! Would love to have you join us!

We had our surgery day yesterday. A very busy morning and early afternoon. The boys that were neutered were: Gent, Willard, Basil, Pushkins and Pushkiss. Joe Bob was not neutered--we decided he needed a little growing time and to be healthier. The girls that were spayed were: Pania and Keena. We also did 3 extra surgeries--2 female cats for our volunteer's and a dog for Lynnette. All surgeries went just fine--no problems at all and the recoveries were fairly quick. We will keep a check on Pania's eyes. The one eye seems to be a bit swollen, more so than a few weeks ago. 

We also did many physicals.
Emaline: good, keep on doing what we're doing.
Findlay: good, very healthy
Dove: keep up with the antibiotics and soreness meds, appears to have healthy tissue around the "concerned area" on the toes. Will continue our treatment of soaks and watching this area. 
Bondi: same as before, kidney issues still persist, but looking good
County: good, may have an upper canine tooth that might need pulled, may do a dental x-ray at some point
Zelda: good, her front shoulders/elbows still (and always will be) shows signs of "stress" from her initial injury
Cutie: good, other than the "leftovers" of her cold and having a slight ear infection. Cleaned her ear, applied ointment and will continue to do so for a few days.
FiFi: good, ready for adoption (12/21!)
Dahnae: good, very healthy
Jaina: good, no signs of any heart disease, other than a slight murmur now!!
Paddy Cake: good, very healthy
Paddy Purr: good, but has a 3/6 heart murmur. Probably will never cause a problem, but we'll keep an eye on this.
Frith: good, very healthy. Ready for adoption (Monday)!
Engelina: we have a concern about that front leg of hers. As she is becoming bigger and weighing more, that "crooked" leg of hers is definitely causing a problem. We are putting her on a HOLD for right now and will reevaluate that leg later. It's now been determined that it's her elbow that is the source of soreness. This is a birth defect and something that we can't correct by external means (casts, etc.)  So, we'll watch her also, as always!

We had BOXES last night! The support given to FFRC is wonderful!
JJacksmom /Jennifer and Sammy--Christmas card, 2 big rolls of stamps, donation and lots of toys
Binky--2 cases of baby food
Medic/Laura from IN--case of Fancy Feast
Patti B/middiemom--big case of Whiskas Purrfectly fish packets
Aunty Fi--2 big buckets of litter
Anonymous Friend--4 boxes of litter
Kayton/Jennifer C--case of Fancy Feast kitten can
Lillian/xenamolina from IL--card for the volunteers (read by Becky), card for Jacci & ffrc, card for Thanksgiving and a birthday card for Penn and Teller. Zena's cats are: Oreo, Elvis, Max, Baby Zena and then there's Judi, a dog!
Janet P/Slickieboy from ME--donation and a card 
Barry and Lori P from Iowa--donation  and a Christmas card with pictures, including of their 2 cats Walter & Petey
Arden & Chairmaine from FL--donation for FFRC
Janet/Janak from NZ (visiting now!)--a beautiful card in memory of Splash with a word from Honey too. Donation in memory of Splash and a donation to help send Jacci to a Vet Conference in Columbus, OH, in Feb.

Now, off to the Cat Show today! There's 5 of us going and we're so looking forward to it. It's in Maumee (about an hour away). Lots of different cat breeds to see, we'll be able to see the judging going on, many vendors to look at their merchandise and just a lot of fun! 

Here's Liberty--waiting to be adopted. What a nice cat.