Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday, December 15

I'm in heaven--Derecho is fast asleep in my lap, all stretched out and purring. He's such a happy boy. There's something magical about him--he seems to bring the smiles out in people. The determination he shows and the joy of life is always present in him. 

We had another adoption yesterday. FiFi went home with Pat, our volunteer. I was extremely happy for both Pat and FiFi. We've already had a phone call and it appears that FiFi is settling in very quickly and enjoying the exploration of her new home. What a joy to know that FiFi now has her forever home. We will quite possibly have a few adoptions today! We have quite a few different cats and kittens being looked at. I'm a bit picky where they go and that's an okay thing. I try very hard to place them in homes that will be their forever homes, and that has time and much love for each of their pets. 

Today or tomorrow we will be moving the Covies. It's time. We have never had such a nice long fall where they've still been in the Cove mid-December. But, they're ready to come up. They've had 2 run-abouts on the farm yard this week. Next week, it looks like a cold front coming in, so we want to make sure our Covies are warm. Kitty City is all ready for the 17 cats to come. All we have to do is plug in their heated beds and heated water bowls. 

We had BOXES last night! Wow--such wonderful things. You all take good care of this rescue center and I appreciate this.
Christine H--bag of 20 cat toys--fun toys, some with feathers
Tammy P/Mitziblue from MO--a note and a very cute FFRC tree ornament, which we immediately hung on the tree
ReverenceLife/Sister Sharon from MI--a wonderful note and donation for FFRC, 3 sets of beautiful cards by Mary J Hickey (
Matt, Darcia, Nicholas, Brendan S.and cat Rudy (who was adopted from here)--coupons and a nice letter, Yeoooww Pepper cat nip toy, cat snackers, fuzzy ball toys, Appetizers, Fancy Feast cans and spring toys
Gillian and Tom/TomA68 from UK--20 boxes of Bondi Licks (Bondi was smiling when she was sleeping last night, dreaming of all her Bondi-licks!), 2 packages of Stickers and 2 neat signs--one especially for the Loo!
Conii from FL and her furbabies Madissy & Elliot--The ffrc cats think that Conii is their Santa-friend!--card for everyone, lots of awesome cat toys, many with feathers, spring toys, big bag of YEooww catnip toys, huge Mylar & fuzzy balls, red crinkle tunnel, 2 curl scratchers, Christmas stockings with toys for the resident cats, big stocking for Derecho (he says purr-thanks), comb/brush set for kitties, huge bags of snackers, 3 super soft blankies, 8 kitty beds, 2012 squeak kitty named Lucky, 3 boxes of chocolate coveries cherries, Merry Christmas sign--wow! The cats are smiling today!
Mary R/prisotis from LA--stocking for Derecho, matching jammies for Jacci and Derecho (we'll get a picture!!), 2013 calendar, book "Cat Confessions", 4 boxes single serving drink packets
Michlynn from MI--a whole case of cardboard kitty carriers--will definitely come in handy
Nancy G/kerswill--3 bags of spring toys and a case of Friskies Pate
Anonymous friend--wrapped Christmas gifts for some of the FFRC kids! So nice--I'll be sure to get tham all delivered!
David/wolfpatch from IN--2 bags FULL of lots of mice--they've been cat-approved!  Nice card with picture of David working at Last Chance Rescue, where he volunteers.
Maureen C/LylaJane from WA--nice note and picture of Lyla kitty, three CD's of Tingstad & Rumbell.. Maureen is a friend to Eric Tingstad and he has given us permision to play these Christmas CD's while the cam is on! It's beautiful instrumental music. Thank you
Widdletiger--"To keep Octavia challenged"--2 toys that dispense food!
Arden & Charmaine and their 4 cats--a Christmas card and a donation for FFRC
Mary H from OH--Christmas card and donation
Cheryl S from MD--a Christmas card and donation
Lizmol & Ginny and Ariel--Christmas cards and coupons
Kate & Patrick E--Christmas card (meezers on the front!)
Seth & Anne from OH--Christmas card with their picture of their cat who they adopted from FFRC 
Helen/Helmin--Christmas card
Gusti from Germany--Christmas card
Penny V from OH--Christmas card
Phyllis B/kittiesmom from MI--Cards for volunteers
Joann D from MI--Christmas card, sheet of stamps and a family picture of the kitties
Colleen/Leenie from AK--Christmas card
Dhana and Weasley (past FFRC kitties!)--Christmas card
Buddy the Cat "Big Boy"--chief tapes and donation 
Blanche M from MA--Christmas card and donation
Sharon T--Christmas card for Hannah

Again, if you come across a mistake in the blog, don't ever hesitate to let me know! I'm always willing to make corrections.

Jimmy is feeling better and will be back today. Thanks to Anthony for pitching in during Jimmy's absence. FIndlay is here by my desk--such a handsome boy. He's now fully ready for his new home. Coca-cola is on the desk--the cause of my errors as he's playing with my fingers! Zelda is napping quietly beside the desk. What a great working atmosphere! 

We've received our weekly report from PetFiners. We had a total of 2,122 total views this past week. The top 12 cats that were viewed are: Zora, Badu, Frith, Audrey, Christopher, Weber, Octavia, Boulder, Engelina, Graciela, Coca-Cola, Pants. Wow! I want to apologize--I had said on the chat that it was Christopher that came in #1 this week, but it was Zora! 

We will have boxes tonight! Thank you that we CAN have boxes! Everyone is doing great. Dove continues to feel better--is purring, eating and moving about a little more. 

Gib--"I'm ready for a hug!"