Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, December 7

We now have a phenomenal day due to our fundraising efforts! This is just wonderful. I have said for a long time that FFRC has the best volunteers in the world. We also have the best mods, admins, friends, supporters, chatters and lurkers in the world. My heart is full of thanksgiving. 
The first night, we had $3,226
The second night, was $5,967
The third night, was   $7,624
Last night, was          $8,644   So very exciting!

Tomorrow is our surgery day. Since it's getting later in the year, our surgery load is not so heavy this time. We will be doing 6 boys and 2 girls. The males are: Gent, WIllard, Basil, JoeBob, Pushkins and Pushkiss. The girls are Pania and Keena. These surgeries are a go, IF they pass their physicals. While Dr. Darcy is here, we will also do many other physicals. Those on the list is: Emaline, Findlay, Dove, Bondi, County, Raza, Zelda, Cutie, Fifi, Jaina, Kiara, Octavia, Paddy Purr and Paddy Cakes. The reason for some of these physicals, is it's time! Some of the cats mentioned for physicals hasn't had one done for 8-9 it's time! 

We had BOXES last night-wonderful boxes! Many thanks for these items.
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of sardines and 1 case of Friskies
Elizabeth H--For Raza: burlap catnip toy & Moppy Mouse.  For Derecho: feather mouse toy. For others: 5 bags of cat snackers and stuffed mouse toys
Jean S from WI--a beautiful picture of trees with the saying "I can't promise I will be here for the rest of your life, but I can promise you I will love you for the rest of mine". It's just wonderful
Anonymous friend--iphone otterbox cover and handle--any one claim this?
Betz--drinking cups for grandkids, colored scotch tape, hand scream, donation for Cutie's plates and food for her & friends
Donna M/mkmouse and cats Oliver & Pumpkin--Christmas card, Baileys chocolates, oatmeal, apple cider (variety pack) and mickey mouse mug that says GARWSH
Deb11111 from MN--5 cases of pink salmon, 1 case of Friskies Meaty bits and 1 case of Friskies chicken
Tanya B/dutchy--whiskas chicken dinner in gravy for cats in pouches
Janet/janak from NZ (she's visiting here right now!)--case of appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, sardines, case of Gravy sensations, case of meaty bits, case of friskies Seafood and a beautiful rock from Fox Glacier in NZ
Terri M/calico from CA--2 mega scoops, lots of cat snackers, KMR powder, lickity stick, big heavy duty plates, cat wipes, 2 boxes of 13 gal trash bags and 2 extra soft blankies & a picture of Patches
Cyndi M--letter and a donation, awesome handmade coin/credit card small purses, handmade tissue holders and matching key fobs--beautiful handiwork
Susan M/daydreamz2 from IA--handmade coffee cup cozies to put on the cups for our coffee, tea, cider and hot chocolate
Onecraftyone from FL--string toy for Jaina for Janet to use in Kitty Kastle for the visiting cats
Peggy/leggygal from CA--beautiful 3D card with a Wal-Mart gift card
Nancy and Steve--for Jacci and Steve--Bob Evans gift card. We both say thanks!
Fellow Anony friend --card for Anony and donation 
Laurie/Felinetoyz from WA--a card and a special tag for Queen Bella's collar!
Mary T--Christmas card and a donation
Leann from OH--Christmas card. Her cats are Shadow and Patches
Janet S from IA--Christmas card and donation. Her cats are Toby and Harley
Pam S--Christmas photo card of Cats Savannah/Iowa and Willow/Kola
Margaret H/Eartheyes--wrapping papers, coil toys for kitties, special feathers and toys for Derecho, a toy for Dove, note cards, lickety stix, 4 temptation snackers, quartz rock crystals, 2 packages of Whiskas, appetizers for Octavia, catnip, cinnamon essential oil, box of beautiful cards, stickers, laura Burch cards, pictures of her cats Sweet Angel, Sapphfire and Rosebud, a gold sack with Cameo Kitty Pendant (very beautiful). There were also some awesome books--all unique and so interesting! 

Just as a reminder--please know that if (or  should say when) I make an error please let me know! I don't mind making corrections at all!

For those that are in the area, there is a cat show in Maumee, OH on Saturday and Sunday. We are taking a part of the day off and going on Sunday! Janet has never been to one and I LOVE them, so I think we'll have some fun. Judy S, our volunteer, and Chris from Dr. Pettigrew's office are also going. 

Little Gent is doing great. He is extremely loving and playing. It won't be long until he'll be out and about with the rest of the gang. Pania is becoming a bit braver and is now venturing to Kitty Campus Room to have a "walk about" in there. This is good news that she's bcoming braver!

Frith--a handsome boy.