Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all our volunteers, lurkers, chatters, mods, admins, friends and all supporters. I hope and pray that today is a very blessed day for each and every one of you. 

The cats and I have much to be thankful for. The support given is huge. The friendship that is given is so much appreciated. The friend-families that we have come to know is a real treasure. Knowing that there are so many people that sincerely care about this rescue center makes for a huge soft spot in my heart. Thank you to you all.

We had BOXES last night. This blog will be short since it's Christmas, but I want to pass on our thanks.
David/wolfpatch--Jiffy Cutter with instructions for proper cutting!, play/squeak mouse for Pania, Homemade almond crescent cookies--very yummy and a 1 pound bag of organic catnip
Deb11111--big box of 33 gallon & 13 gallon trash bags, 3 large bottles of Jergens hand lotion, 2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Autumn & Anna from France--a nice letter and picture from Autumn the kitty, 3 wonderful books--"Dewey the Library Cat", "All I needed to know I learned from my cat and then some", and "The Red Dog". Thanks!
Kellysong--bag of Lindor Chocolates & a 24 variety pack Planters Peanuts for the volunteers
Michelle/Crittercat from CT--a very nice Christmas card, stocking with Pet Supply Plus gift card, cat snackers, 5 cans of sardines, 2 thank you note boxes, lots of books to read and share. You'll have to come and visit again soon!
WiddleTigger--2 big bags of Chicken Soup for the Soup kitten dry food
LucyToons/Lucy O--4 packages of Mylar balls, treat for Einie, spring toys, shinner balls and 3 case of Fancy Feast
Cheryl/cherylann275 from WA--gift for Janak: handmade kitty jammies, Almond Roca, matching pillowcases, 2013 planner
Kathy R--2-3 packs of Lysol wipes, 4 cases of Fancy Feast grilled, big tin of shortbread cookies
Phil & Cleo--3 tins of cookies--beautiful snowman decorated chocolate covered oreos!
Norma B from Iowa--Christmas card & donation
Glynda N from Canada--Christmas card and donation
Mimi/Alice S from FL--Christmas card & Walmart gift card
Karen C from KS--Christmas card and donation  Hug given to Asha & Derecho!
Selkie, Blue & Misty and their mama (my siamese friends)--Christmas card  (I loved the song verse you sent!)
Teresa S & Jean W from IL--Christmas card, a very nice letter and a donation, also from their pets Sparky, Lily, Violet
Gladys/newfie1--Christmas card and a donation
Norma F/Mmiralla from Puerto Rico--Christmas card and a very nice letter and picture of Nya and from Gilberto M
Alice G from MI and her kitty Gracie--a donation for medical treatments and a Christmas card. Alice is 103 years old!! Written by her daughter Sandra A
Mary C/midwesterngirl and kittie Crystal from IL--Christmas card with Crystal's picture on the front
Mary D from PA--Christmas card and donation
Eaglespirit from WI--a personal letter
Andrea J/Peach 63 and kitty Lana from Germany--Christmas card
June K/painteddaisy from NY--Christmas card and donation and a lottery ticket (bummer, not a winner!!)
Isabella H/budnbits from FL--Christmas card and a donation for Dove and Feliz Navidad fund
Joseph & Beth M/midnightAnn from FL--Christmas card and a Walmart gift card
Ron R from CT--Christmas card
Ville T--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kellyssong/Kelly--a donation thru PayPal for the 5 kittens and Gallant
Ingrid S from the Netherlands--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Andy A--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nancy S/nancepants--a donation thru PayPal to help with the 5 new babies
Donna P--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Judeanlee--a donation thru PayPal in honor of the FFRC Volunteers!

We have names! The 5 new kittens have names! Splash (torti/girl with bigger gold splotch on head), Kissmass (torti/girl with smaller gold splotch on head & in honor of these Christmas kitty arrivals) and the 3 black/white names are Purcell (in memory of Philip's mother), Doce (in honor of the kittens arriving on 12/12/12), and Trooper (one of the Catathon sponsored names).

Court says, "Merry Christmas!".