Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 30

Are you ready for the New Year? The cats are! I know they were partying already--they had 3 bags of snackers emptied out on the floor last night, in the front office. Not sure how they do this, but I believe a talk to Octavia is in order! 

The birds were at the feeders yesterday--all day. The cats so love watching them. It's fun to listen to them as there are lots of chirps being given by the cats. 

Yesterday was another wonderful day for Gallant. We've had 2 days in a row of being able to remove a significant amount of old, dead burned tissue! This is wonderful. I showed him to the cam again yesterday (always with a towel wrapped around him, so don't worry). He's so calm--just looks around and checks things out. I keep in touch with our vets 1-2 times a week in regards to Gallant.

We had BOXES last night! It was great.
Colleen L/Schnowzers--2 cases of baby food
Prisilla G/PrissyPurdue--6 cases of baby food
David/Wolfpatch--4 cases of baby food
Pat L--coupones and heat packs and batteries for the Mama Snuggle Cat for the kittens
Beth A/Eaglewatcher46--Forever stamps with Derecho's picture on them! Love this!
Susan TC from Defiance--donation for FFRC
KSL--New Years card and 2 sheets of stamps
Robert S--letter with donation in memory of Mary LF
Angela R--sent a donation in honor of her friend Terri's birthday and Terri's cat Patchy
Bernard G from NY--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Susan H--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Derek G--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We took in a new cat yesterday. She is almost 11 years old, a female/spayed and a white Persian. To make a long story short, she was brought to us by a Rrescuer that has been working on this case. Her past owner was verbally and physically abusive to her. With the help of the police (in a neighboring county), she was removed from this home and then brought here. I am grateful to the Rescuer that was involved in helping her. She has been legally signed over to FFRC. From this point on, this case is in the hand of that local counties police department. Upon arrival, she actually purred, but today she is frightened again. This may be a process of letting her relax and soak in the knowledge that she is safe and will never ever be abused again. She arrived with a couple sores on her neck, extremely matted fur, major flea load, dental tartar/gum inflammation, her bottom caked with stool and very dirty eyes. She has now received her bath, all mats shaved out (we were able to leave her head fur and fur along her back) and her eyes and ears cleaned. Her wounds on her neck have also been cleaned. Her name is Joyful. It may take us a while to achieve this in her, but we're going to do it. For the time being, she can relax at her own speed and hopefully soon will realize that she is safe and among people that care. Again, I am so appreciative of the Rescuer who helped Joyful.

JoeBob is very much a fun kitten. He has decided that he can be in 10 places at one time, playing full speed ahead. Wow--he is a busy kitten. So much fun to watch! Macallan is busy this morning watching the snow out the window. Darilyn is a hair-chomper, just like her mama Dahnae. That's human hair they like to groom and chomp! 

Little Doce and Purcell had a good night.They ate real good for their last meal yesterday and for their breakfast this morning. They both have a tad bit of a round tummy!  They are taking about 6-9 cc's at each feeding. 

Start practicing your finger-voting muscles! In January we'll start the voting again for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. The door is wide open again for all prizes for FFRC, since it's the beginning of the new year! More later. 

This is the cake that Janet/Janak had made for the volunteers for Christmas! It was half carrot cake and half Chocolate and was absolutely delicious!