Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, December 10

Oh, what a night! A tremendous, awesome night! We had our finale of our General Fund fundraiser. My heart is full with thanksgiving and wonder at the goodness of so many people. Here's the final breakdown!
12/3      $3,226
12/4      $5,967
12/5      $7,624
12/6      $8,644
12/7    $11,540
12/8    $13,243  

12/9    $18,825    What a huge leap in numbers. Then, I was asked to recheck the PayPal 
                            account again. I was completely astounded. It took me a few moments, as
                            it's hard to read thru tears. Here was the final final count:
          $20,029    Isn't this just wonderful? What a joy. What a relief. I will be paying the FFRC bills this week, with a smile on my face!

We showed all the webcam viewers a very very long red/green paper chain last night. Each loop represented a person's donation to the General Fund. The chain will be hung up somewhere in the rescue center. Hopefully the cats won't destroy it too soon!  

I would also like to thank Canton/Rita for the wonderful stories she has done to help us with this fundraiser. Canton is blessed with a wonderful way of telling stories. I appreciate all the fine work she did for this event! 

I would also like to thank each and every person who made a donation for this fundraiser. I know it's a tough financial world "out there" right now. I also know it's a busy world, with all of us having many obligations. It takes a special person like YOU, to take the time and to make the effort to reach out to others in such a kind, wonderful spirit. 

Your special way of caring goes a long way toward proving there are still kindhearted people in this world. I just want you to know that I appreciate your support and thoughtfulness. It means so much to me and this rescue center. 

Please know too, that I understand financial difficulties. If you cannot contribute, we still love you!! Please help us with your ad clicks (if you're interested in that particular ad) and in January, we will again be asking for your voting click at The Animal Rescue Site.  Your prayers and moral support are also hugely appreciated.

Last night, there was a knock knock at the door. It was Mayor Anony! Oh my goodness, was I surprised. Neither Connie or I knew he has the ability to unlock the Cove doors. But, anyway, there he was, with a letter in his hand. He wanted me to read it, so here goes: 
"I, Mayor Highness Anony, do wish to pass on my extreme gratitude to all the wonderful people out there in cam land for the support you have shown to FFRC. Upon taking the position of being mayor one week ago, I have tried hard to understand the ways of the cam land. At first, I didn't understand how people in that tiny hole on the wall, could care about this rescue center. so much. But, mama Jacci has tried to explain to me and the rest of the cats, that you really really do care about us. For that, I am grateful. When I put the call out that we needed help with the general fund, I wasn't so sure how it would go. But, I'm told that there have been hundreds of people that have sent in money to help us. And all from a hole in the wall! But, really, there ARE people thru that hole! I know my mama Jacci talks highly of you all. I just want to pass on my thanks to you for the royal support shown to FFRC. You have made us all smile. Love, Anony"   The mayor has spoken. Thanks to the assistant who helped Anony with his letter!

We also had an adoption yesterday! Little Harlow was adopted! Her new family has been here several times to visit her. It was time to take her home! Harlow will be treated with much love! She was even given a beautiful pink collar (a safety collar) with bling on it. 

We have more visitors! Laura/Medic and her mom Belinda are here. They arrived late afternoon yesterday and will be here for much of the day today. They brought many goodies for us! Towels, Fancy Feast, paper plates, doggie treats, bleach, scratching toy, European cookies (extra yummy!). Thanks so much! 

Graciela says thanks for the $20,029 Fundraiser!