Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, December 3

Anony is officially now the Mayor of Cat's Cove. Yesterday was his "Mayor Talk". First though, I'd like to apologize that this ceremony was 2 hours late. One of our wonderful volunteers had a problem at her home that we needed to help with. I appreciated your patience on the late start.

About 2:00, Anony laid his paw on The Can of Sardines and had me read his note. He believes that "every cat matters" and vows to help with this. This was his speech:

The FFRC Resident Cats Code

Whether a Covie, Porchie or Center Cat, We are all family, dysfunctional yes, but in the end we are united, furever.  Our pasts may still be with us but they do not define us.  We are defined by who we are today and what we will become tomorrow.
We are not dependent but not totally independent.  We are forever grateful to our momma Jacci and all the compassionate volunteers who accept us, ignore any of our shortcomings and love us for the cats that we are and the cats we are meant to be. 
We are safe, we are happy and we are loved.  We are living proof that if you look into our eyes you will see that we are survivors, who simply need a little help.
If we get sick, we will be comforted.  If we get scared we will be reassured.  If we get lost, we will be found.
We are the Resident Cats of the Friends of Felines Rescue Center and we are living proof that:
                                                                 Every Cat Matters

Following his speech, we went over how Anony got his name and how he happened to arrive here. We also briefly mentioned something about each of the Covie Cats. This was followed by a special treat for the Covies--a mix of sardines, tuna and salmon. They'll smell like fish for a week! Every little crumb was eaten!

Well, then Anony had a major job to do. He asked me for all the records of the past year. I was nervous about it, but I gave them to him. He agrees, our General Fund has become quite empty. He is concerned. So....the Mayor has asked that we have a fundraiser to help with the General Fund. It's sadly lacking in sustenance  How did this happen? Bills are high, costs of everything has risen dramatically this year, utilities have shot up, our insurance went sky-high, and the upkeep is tremendous. Anony asked me--well, aren't you worried? My answer to the Mayor....of course I'm worried, but putting on a worried face doesn't help the situation. I CHOOSE to be optimistic, while keeping in mind that we have big bills to pay. 

IF you can help us financially, that is wonderful! Simply go to our website and click on a Paypal button, or go directly to Paypal. Or you can also send in a personal check to FFRC. Please believe me, when I say that if you cannot help us financially, that it's ok. I truly understand. It's a tough financial world out there, we all have our struggles. But, you can still help us, by your clicks on the ads on ustream. If you see an ad that interest you, click on it! Also, in January, the voting begins again for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. Your voting power means a lot to us.  Please also believe me when I say that every single penny of every single dollar that arrives for FFRC is used for the purpose intended. This Rescue Center appreciates everything that everyone does for us--we're a grateful group of people! 

Our new cat, Findlay is out and about as of this morning. He's doing pretty good. He's checking out the cats, trying to decide if they're ok! Pania is sleeping in my lap--so sweet. Her front paws are extended way out in front of her. Dove's door is open to her pen, so she can come out and stretch her legs a bit if she wants to. It's been so warm here--we even have our windows open. The birds have been heavily feeding at the feeders, which of course the cats love!

Remember, starting today, boxes will be at 6:00. The reason for this is to help me get into the house a tad bit earlier. My housecats were complaining! 

We have some thanks to give:
Beth/eaglewatcher was here this past 4 days. In addition to helping us tremendously with "jobs", Beth also made a donation to FFRC and gave the cats some very soft blankies and some goodies for the volunteers. Beth and I went down the road yesterday so I could show her one of Defiance's eagle nests!
Deb11111--4 gallons of Mr. Clean (extra thanks--with the rain we had, we will use this for the mud that's been tracked in)
Jan G--Paypal donation, in memory of her 18 year old cat that just passed away. His name was Rajah and was a siamese. Thanks, Jan.

Gib has a new trick. He did this again this morning--he gets on top of the red/orange cabinet, opens the door, pulls open the q-tip drawer (while still on top of the cabinet) and "fishes" out many q-tips to the cats waiting below. He has gained in popularity as this is one of their favorite toys!

Sweet dreams!