Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

3 weeks from today is Catathon! Wow, getting closer and closer.  Soon, all pictures and descriptions will be on our website at  Also the pre-registration will start soon too.  Pre-registration is just in case you want to bid on any item.  It simply cuts down the time you have to be on the phone.  It's simple, doesn't cost anything of course and helps us during the actual Catathon.  It's always a good idea to pre-register--it doesn't tie you into anything in case you decide not to bid. And if you don't pre-register, we still, of course, take your bid!

The Catathon Fun-Raiser will start 2 weeks from today--June 17 early in the morning and continues till 9:00 am on June 20th.  There will be 10 fantastic items in this fun-raiser. Two winners will be picked in rounds 2,3,4,5 and 6, the day of the Catathon. And of course, we'll be drawing consolation prize winners in Round 7! 

We have thanks to give:
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Mary Ann and Paul B--donation for their own Resqwalk idea! They give so much per mile they do, in honor of FFRC, to be used where needed. I love this idea!
Pat D--donation to FFRC, in memory of Grayson Davies, her grand-cat
David & Christine P & Miyu, Anya, Yuki, Wesa--donation for the care of the cats
Faithy, vol--donation to FFRC
Pat C, vol--donation to FFRC, plus plates, snackers, baby food

Ready for some more giggles?  Derecho has been busy! Check it out:   It's his 25th Giggles Scene.  Derecho told me he thought he should help with revenue to cover his chicken. So, don't forget to click the like/thumbs up button! 

The rear leg of Bart's is healing slowly.  He gets a leg soak twice a day. Most of the day he has a wrap on it, soaked in the sulfadine ointment. He doesn't seem to be nearly as sore as he had been.  We've now gotten the entire foot and leg debrided on Zorro's front leg. The leg is looking good but the foot is still terribly swollen and stiff. He uses it well but.....I'm afraid we need  more progression to get this leg to be saved. Time will soon tell. We are going full force on treatments on both of these little boys. These two boys and Shelly know each other well.  Most days they are in the Main Area playing non-stop.

Here's some upcoming dates:
June 5, Tuesday--HumaneOhioi surgery day
June 8, 9, 10--Dance Concessions Days (fundraiser for FFRC)
June 9, Saturday--FFRC surgery day
June 17, 18, 19, 20--Catathon Fun-Raiser
June 18, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day
June 20-Weds.--Spiker dental surgery
June 22,23--going crazy getting last minute things done for Catathon!
June 24, Sunday--CATATHON!
This will prove to be a very busy month for us here at FFRC. 

Nyota is now out of her pen and has the whole back Thumper's Room to herself! She no longer needs any further treatments--just a little more healing is left on her one rear foot. She has scars but the fur is slowly starting to grow in, as are her whiskers. We have much love for her.

Satori is at the open window in the Kitty Kabana, enjoying the great outdoor sounds. The Izzle Litter is going crazy here in the purple office--running and jumping on each other, just for the fun of it! Giovanna has been enjoying the opened window by the closet on the "far side"--she sure likes watching what's going on in the parking lot.

We've been doing extra grooming on the Covies. Oliver thinks he's pretty neat with his new spring hair-do.  Miss Muffin continues to do well and is now brushed out. Ten more Covies got a thorough brushing. More to do though!

The kittens of Callisynne's seem to be doing a bit better today. They were a bit draggy this past week. We've been supplementing a few of them. They do enjoy playing and knocking each other over (no worries, they only fall over 3-4 inches!). A super friendly bunch of babies.

The 14 little ones that are loose in the Main Area are a hoot. They are out day and night. Some of their antics: messing with adult cat tails (not approved of and usually ends up in being corrected!), jumping from a Kuranda onto a kitten and then running for safety, zipping thru the tunnel and colliding with each other, piling on top of each other for nap times--they are always busy and fun to watch. Love their energy levels!

Take care and enjoy this beautiful day.