Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What a change in the weather. Our air conditioners are now off (for a while, at least!) and the windows are all open wide. I love having the fresh air come in. 

The air conditioner for Paw-Mart, back and front Thumper's Room is now repaired. No bill yet, but it's working! United Heating, here in Defiance, always takes good care of us. Steve and I also have our a/c fixed now too.  We have had to have repairs also to the heating unit at the Cove.  The problem in the Cove is all the moisture--it even shorts out the electrical plugs.  Plus, our sulfur water has an effect on wirings.  About 3 weeks ago, we put in a good quality dehumidifier and it's making a difference.  It's unreal how much water is removed each day.  We have a hose that goes to the outside or we wouldn't be able to keep up with it!

The two new kittens are coming along. Both of their wounds are healing. Chaps is starting to lose his "worry" about things. He's now down on the floor with the rest of the kittens. You can tell he is relaxing day by day and will purr so nicely when held. Asia is extremely friendly. All it takes to get her to knead, is to look at her! 

We had another adoption! Claire went to her new home. Such a lovely little girl. She was long anticipated as she was picked out and put on hold long ago. 

The floor is coming along.  Monday was prep work and the first layer of coating with the blue seed put down. Tuesday, the excess seed was swept up and the first top coat put on.  Weds., another top coat was put on.  It looks awesome.  Today, the final coat, urethane is put on. And then we wait.  It has to be 100% dry before we move back in. But.....we're getting closer.  Most of the kittens are in the back and front Thumper's Room.  The adults are in the purple office and Kitty Kabana, along with a few teenager size kittens.  It's all a bit cramped but they, for the most part, are being good sports.  When the floor is completely dry, kitties and cats all will have free range once again in the Main Area.  

We had BOXES on Monday. Because we couldn't be in the Main Area, we moved the cam from the back Thumper's Room into Paw Mart and opened boxes!  We don't have sound on that cam, so we did it the "old fashion" way--writing on paper plates, like we did long ago!  Many thanks to you all for the wonderful supplies! 
Marco Support from Germany - Kitty Treat Calendars--Elsie, Hensley, Magic, Spiker and Hatima--they can share too!  7 boxes Liquid Treat pkts, 5 boxes Trixies Lick Sticks

Anony Gift for FFRC Horse WindChimes
Anony Case of Fancy Feast

Sean and Lena - 2 Boxes Whiskas 
Stacey E - Gorgeous Treasure Journals and book Journals for Jacci, Donna & Lynnette
KitKatLady - Case of Friskies

Justme - 2-65ft Cable for Catstock Cam
April - 2 Cases Baby Food
Kathryn M - 4 cases Fancy Feast

MiddieMom - 3 cases Baby Food
RCcat 9 - Quilt Majic Kit, Box full of Beautiful yarn & 5 Scrubbies
MommyMyrna - Beautiful hand made Shrouds for Burial of kitties.. People greatly appreciate these!
Paula N - 2 Fish Toys (the red is for Hope), 3 Bags Snackers, 7 pkts Kitten Bisque, 3 bage Puree, 12 jars Baby Food, 3 Meow Mix Cups, 20 cans Fancy Feast, 4 cans Friskies, Little Soup & Lots n Lots of Toys!

Rcatmom CO - 15 crocheted kitty afghans for Sales and FFRC  Very pretty!
Chuckles - 1350 6" Plates

And more thanks!
BillieK--donation to help with Chaps and Asia, for their wounds, vaccines
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
William M--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for Chaps and Asia, for their meds
Marti W--donation for FFRC

Twkitty, visited on 7/12 and 13--cat shower curtain, wooden plaque, pewter cat photo frames (flash sale), plasticware, hand soap, TP, PT, vinegar, Dawn soap, 5-60 foam 6 inch plates, 120 lg foam plates, case of FF kitten, 4-pk Clorox wipes

Shelia H/Chuckles, visited on 7/12 and 13--donation for Chuckles to Name a Cat list
Kaylee, cousin and MIL visited--both girls donated to FFRC.  Kaylee's donation is in memory of their sweet Jonah, who passed 2 weeks ago. 

Remember our sweet Valenteen? She is now named Bella. Her new family says that  "she's full of energy and she and Zazzles play all day.  We love her so much! " 

On Saturday, once we get back to normal (whatever that is!! lol), we have a couple families coming in to visit the kittens.  We will also have an adoption--Dali will be going to her new MI home. 

This coming Weds, the 31st, Shoney's in Defiance will be having a cruise in car show. They have invited FFRC to be there and to sell water/gatorade, juice as a fundraiser! How so nice to be invited.  We have a few volunteers who have offered to help do this. We will also take the VW catbug there too! 

Our next HumaneOhio surgery date is August 5th. 

Have a super nice day--it's actually a bit cool here--what a difference in temps!