Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What a wonderful Fun-Raiser!  These Fun-Raisers make a huge difference to FFRC.  YOU make a giant different to FFRC and we are grateful.  Did you hear the cats last night?  I heard it in the house.....about midnight Derecho had everyone do a big high-paw-five as their way of saying thanks! 

Here's the results of the Fun-Raiser:
A.  IPad - donated by 20th Committee - $830   WINNER:  Fritzy3739

B  Kitty Decorated Sewing Chair on Wheels -  $260.00 WINNER:  Kizzimon 

C.  DefianceOPoly - 2 games donated by Faithy and LostGirl -$225  
                  WINNER 1 :  To be used in a vol. drawing by anonymous
                  WINNER 2 :   To be used in a vol. drawing, by anonymous

D.  45" Boxed Cat Tree - donated by Ruffles -$225  WINNER:  Cathy AO

E.  Collage Picture of FFRC Kitties-donated by Jody J.- $115 WINNER:  Tammy W.

F.  Caruth Statues (Hummingbird and Cat) - donated by Friday Mary -$190  WINNER: DonnaJB

G.  Kitchenaid Food Processor - donated by DonnaJB -$515  WINNER:  Madisonpepper

H.  FFRC CH Book - donated by Justme, written by Justme, Darkcat and Mudjie
    $320.00   WINNER:  Howard.

Total made =  $2680.00
                     - $ 830.00  (allocated to 20th Anniversary Committee)
Plus Bumps       250.00
Total After Bumps  $ 2100.00

Consolation Prizes were also drawn! 

We had BOXES right before the drawing---many many thanks for all items and for helping us to restock the cat food shelts!

Piperjo99 - 4 Boxes Whiskas Cups
Anne, Kevin & Bailey - UK  Box of Royal Canin & Fancy Feast Salmon Filets
Anony Friend- 8 Boxes Purrfectly Chicken

Roberta/oopsiepa - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Denise & Elizabeth - 24 cans Fancy Feast,  10 Pkts Nutrish Purfectly Broth, 11 pkts Sheba Sticks, 8 Bags Party Mix Snackers, 2 pkgs Spring Toys, 18 Adoption Folders, 4 Laser Lights, 3 bags Crinkle Balls, Ping Pong Balls, Catnip toys, 6 Wash Cloths, 2 tablets Posties, Bag of clips, 3 pkgs Pens, 2 Kitty Tea Towels, Box Tops

Anony Friend - 12 Cans WeRuVa Anony, another 24 Cans WeRuVa, also BFF can food all for Barnies, Porchies & Covies and Firecats

Ju in ji - 4 Cases Baby Food
Anony Friend - 45 Cans Fancy Feast Variety
AthenasMom - 25 Adoption Folders

Lollymop - 2 De-Shedding combs
Sean & Lena - Sock Monkey for Lynnette
Stripey & Dave - 4 balls for the Turbo Tracks

For Hope - Life Jacket/ Harness in Pink
Janet, Jessica & Kitties - Netherlands - Memorial Card in memory of her Mother  We are so sorry for your loss--hugs. 
Janet & Susan - Case of Baby Food

KathyinWVA - Case of Fancy Feast
Plee - For FFRC 10 Pink kitty pillow cases with matching blanket, Horse blanket & multi color Hearts blanket
Anony  Friend- 12 Lg Cans Salmon

April--2 Cases Baby Food, Air Popcorn Popper
FFRC Kitties - 12 Tubs Lysol Wipes, 6 Tubs Clorox Wipes (such wonderful kitties!)
Anony Friend - For Dingie 2 Cases Ham Baby Food

MLS 6 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 Lg Bags Royal Canin Mom & Baby
Anony  Friend- 7 Cases Baby Food, 4 tubs lysol wipes, 6 cases FF kitten

Anony Friend- 24 Cans Chicken & 24 Cans Tuna, 45 Cans Fancy Feast, 2 jugs Tidy Scoop Litter

Alan & Elaine - FL  2 Bags 40lb Litter, 8 12pks of 9-Lives
Anony Friend- 8 16lb Bags Purina One

Sue/Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation with Hugs for Alma, Derecho & Marilyn
Randy P - MD  Donation
Anony Friend - Box Tops
Michelle & Mary - NJ  Donation (to help with the A/C repair) & Coupon for Sheba

Tom C - IL  Donation
Suzanne E  FL - Donation
Carrie M  WI - Donation in honor of Catathon
Becky K  OH  Book Cherished Cats  written by Becky
Auntie Beth--two cooling bowls for the Porchies and Sunporch kitties to have cool water!

We had another 2 adoptions!
Dali was adopted on 7/27--went with April, to  Michigan for her new home! I've already heard from her and all is going good. April says: "She is such a love and loves to cuddle."  Her new name is Dublin.

Watson was adopted on 7/29. He now has a new mama and dad. When his dad came to check out this wonderful kitten, Watson about turned himself inside out to show that he approved of this event! 

We have more kittens on hold! Those that are hold are: Disco, Pierre, Preslie, Belle, Levi and Noosma.  We have families coming in soon to check out some of the other cats too.

Right now, all the kittens and cats are in the Main Area except for Belle and her 4 kittens and Chaps. They are still in the back Thumper's Room.  Each morning, the doors are left open (after breakfast) to let them have a choice when they'd like to come up to the Main Area.  Usually after a couple hours, the doors are then shut until the next day.  That way, we can keep track of those itty bitty kitties when people come. 

Only 39 days to Catstock!  Today, the tents and porta pots will be ordered! This year,  Catstock will also be a celebration of our 20 years! You are all invited to come and join us! 

And only ONE more day to our FLASH SALE!  It's tomorrow, Weds at 2:30 ish, with Mich and Vern!  Lots of items never seen before. Come one, come all!