Friday, September 2, 2011

2 for... Friday?

Thanks to Azuremeow for the 2 boxes that had baby can food, fancy feast dry food, toys and dry kitten food for the Rescue Center. Also thanks to the Hall family (who adopted Subra) for the paper towels, paper plates, Friskies can, treats and Fancy Feast cans. I especially loved the letter from Subra. It really meant a lot to me. Subra's family also has a hold on Baaka. The mama cat, Mittie & kits in Thumper's Room are wonderful--the kittens come running now to get attention. Today Paul starts the wall project in Cat's Corner Room. This room still has exposed 2 x 4's, so the plywood walls and fiber boards will soon go up. We've heard from Bubba's family, who is now named Maximus. He's doing wonderful He'll be here Saturday morning for his last vaccination. All is fine here. Kittens tummies are round, cats are purring, kittiy groupies are sleeping together.

Thanks too to Beth A, a webcam viewer for the 6 cases of Friskies--a much need item. We sure appreciate it. JJ made an appearance last night so we could see the "real" JJ that won the $1,000 for FFRC thru the Animal Rescue Photo contest. Big hugs and kisses to JJ, Dawn and Bill, we sure appreciate him and am so glad that you adopted him from here! Paul has started the project of putting the FRP up on the walls in the 3 Rescue Rooms. Right now, they're just 2 x 4's sticking out, with some very rough panel boards. This fiberboard will make it so much easier to clean and looks so bright. Thanks Paul for your hard work. Kurt has been putting in many hours on all the new cat walks and catwalk rails. They look so nice. Big thanks too to Kurt for all your hard work. Sept. 17 is our day event at Kircher's Flowers for their fall festival. If you live in the area come say hi!