Monday, September 26, 2011

Catch-up day!

Sorry I got behind on the blog postings, I've been a little busy -Kurt

We're kittens overrunneth! New kittens have arrived. We just took in 3 more grey/silver identical babies. They had been found in a trash dumpster a week before arrival. A family kept them temporarily until they were brought here. They are Cassi and Chia for the 2 girls and the boy is called Claudius. These are sweethearts who have a big booming purr. Sometime this week, we'll also be taking in Jodi's 3 kittens that she's been fostering. They were tiny wee kittens and are now 8 weeks old. We have all the newbies now in Thumper's Room, all on the floor to cruise and play. They are: Picasso, Wiggle, Shasta, Cassi, Chia, Claudius, Dulcy, Mary Katherine, Nuggie and a returned adult cat called Tasco. Tasco is a cat that was adopted from here 2 years ago. Much to the owners sadness, he had to be returned. He is part Havanna -a big cat that was found 2 years ago as a wee kitten along the riverbank. He's awesome and loves people, cats and dogs. I heard from Leotie's family yesterday and they love her. Actually called her a sweetie and an angel! Of course, she sleeps in their bed with them! We also had an adoption yesterday that we're extra thrilled about. A volunteer, Sigred who adopted Winken a couple weeks ago, came back to get his brother Blinken! Now the 2 brothers are together again! Twinkle looks wonderful and happy. You can tell her from Ernestine as Twinkle has a lightly tipped tail. Tookie is a super lovey girl. We're close to our 5th week of no seizures for Farrah!

We have much thanks to give for some boxes that were opened.
Kiwinanz (from New Zealand): 1 case baby food, catnip, Whiskas packets, Fancy Feast
Christine S: cotton tip applicators,
Margaret S: Friskies can food
Nuki-mom from VA: cash donation and a Wal-Mart gift card & a lovely letter
Jatcat: new box openers and replacement blades

I weighed Snooglies today. She arrived here on 9/13 and weighed 5.02. Today she weighs 5.13. Yeah for weight gain! She sure loves that baby food! She's feeling better now and starting to cruise about again. Kate and Judy S. are lavishing the TLC on Mary Katherine and Nougies. They are relaxing, eating good and enjoying being in a safe environment. We had a box to open last night. The box was from lewbeth12. She sent cat treats, baby rice cereal, Fancy Feast, Whiskas, kitty toys, and a great monkey sock pet bed. Thanks so much lewbeth. Especially love that monkey bed. Kurt Williams' shoulder is looking real good. We'll keep his sweater on for a few more days to make sure all is well. Cinnabon and Macallen love each other--these are the twin gold boys. They are so sweet and fun. Racer is almost done with the 2 shelves that go in Thumper's Room--they're beautiful and will probably be put up on Saturday. Just heard from the lady that adopted Sensi. She's doing awesome! Also heard from Titans, who adopted Barbra. All is well and happy there! Neil and Anna Marie called yesterday about Bandita (Vicky). They love her.