Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now a Featured Channel on!

We are now featured on the front page of Pets/Animal section on! What a wonderful thing for FFRC! The banner that is displayed has our little Tookie kitten on it. We took in another kitten. Lisa found him at her dog rescue and was worried about his safety. He's the same age as Nuggie and Cabana. His name is Nebraska, named by Kathy, our volunteer. Nebraska is a grey tiger, very similar to Selby. He's in Thumper's Room making friends with Cabana. Tasco, the part Havana cat is spending some time in the main Rescue Center now. He's doing great and has used his box 100%. The Cat's Corner Room door is open now a couple times a day to let the "herd of kittens" come out and play. They love it. They're all so tiny. Our next surgery date is Nov. 5th. Dr. Cindy will be coming to do lots of spays and neuters for us on that day. We had a box last night from Cobbis who sent a case of Friskies and a case of Whiska packs. Thanks so very much! The cats also send their thanks. Our old oldster Snooglies likes to sit in my lap when I'm at the desk--I don't know who is happier about that--her or me! The 3 kittens that Jodi had fostered for FFRC are now here and have names. The black/white is Wonder, the tiger/white is Marvel and the tiger is Noble. Kurt has been working on the shelves and bed box designs that he'll be doing in Kitty City. It will be awesome. A webcam friend Peverley will be visiting the Rescue Center this Saturday with her friends. She will be visiting all the kittens and cats, but particularly the kitten that she brought in--Peverley. Remember to start voting again this Monday Oct. 3. Thank you.